If you were a very recent college graduate with solidly middle class or more wel

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    If you were a very recent college graduate with solidly middle class or more well off parents,

    WHICH would YOU CHOOSE to do- be unemployed until you get a job related to your field/educational level even if it takes two or more years to do so  OR take a Mcjob until you can find a better job, knowing that this McJob will  HURT your future chances of success?


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    peter565posted 2 years ago

    In the modern employment field, it is best to start working part time when you are still in college. With people better educated in general, the good old day of good education = good job is dead, today, today's gen Y, most have a master degree, only a handfull is only a bachelor graduate, even fewer, don't have collage qualification. With so many highly educated people, having a good education mean nothing, today.

    People who didn't work their way through collage, are more likely to ended up getting label as "spoil brats", after they graduate and find themself in a disadvantage position, in the work force, whether it is getting a job or getting promotion.

    I have also seen it myself, I got a mate, his grandmother was really sick when he was in collage, he spend most of his time jumping between school and taking care of his grandmother, his grand mother died, during his last year in unversity, what he soon find after his grandma died and he started looking for a job is that, employer assume the reason you didn't work is because you are a spoil brat, None would believe it is due to a reason, other then he is a spoil brat. The fact he have two master degree and one bachelor qualification means nothing, in a world where everybody is educated, if employer suspect you are a spoil brat because of it. People who work part timestarting fromt their 1st day in collage, are significantly more likely to get a job. That friend of mine, who cannot work, during collage, because of his sick grandma, the last time I check, he was working as a labor, building houses. before that, unemploy, before that, scrubbing toilets in a hotel, before that unemploy, before that working as a labor building house. He still live in his parent's basement, because he can never get a stable emplyoment and sometime he need to wonder whether he is ever going to get a job again.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 2 years ago

    Remember that it takes five to ten years to personally increase your lifestyle to that your parents had, and it took them twenty years to get to the lifestyle you remember having growing up.