Why didn't ancient Asia didn't trade with Native Americans?

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    peter565posted 17 months ago

    Why didn't ancient Asia didn't trade with Native Americans?

    Many evidence prove, ancient Asia and Europe know each other, till fall of Rome, then Asia become myth to Europe, Asia the whole time know of Europe, but because dark ages Europe got so little to offer Asia, travel such distance to trade, is a lost for Asia, so they only trade with Arabs. Evidence suggest Asia trade with west coast native American during 15~early 17th century, but stop afterwards. If the trade continue, its possible Europeans can't conquer Native Americans, with Asian modernizing eg Apache army, (Asia can make much money) thus rise of Europe in 19th century won't be possible.


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    tamarawilhiteposted 17 months ago

    1. They had plenty of trading partners in their area like India, Indonesia and Japan. Why go farther when you have so much close to home?
    2. They didn't have the ships or navigation technology to reach Hawaii, much less California, and even less incentive to stay. It was like a trip to the moon but taking months, not days.
    3. The Inuit along the Bering Straight did trade with each other, but there was little of interest to southern societies. Their furs could be traded south without the Chinese going up to Kamchata and learning there was a very long chain of islands to the east.