Can we have a deliberative Democracy?

  1. maryansika profile image59
    maryansikaposted 14 months ago

    Can we have a deliberative Democracy?

    John Stuart Mill, seem to think that  politics must involve people's participation and engagement. Often a time people are not well informed on their need to participate while some deem  it fit to think , who cares, the people are still going to cast vote based on their preferences. is this a good form of democracy?

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    tamarawilhiteposted 14 months ago

    If we have a public that is not well informed, it is because the liberal media sees its job as shaping public opinion (propaganda) instead of telling the truth.
    That's why you had a near blackout of Wikileaks during the election and Project Veritas revelations. It is why the German government prosecutes people for reporting on the Muslim rape crisis by refugees and tells social media to censor posts on actual events.

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