Is dancing an inborn talent or you can get mastery over it by learning it?

  1. manni0303 profile image61
    manni0303posted 11 months ago

    Is dancing an inborn talent or you can get mastery over it by learning it?

    I am a non dancer. I have never learned dancing. I love dancing but alone, ;not in front of anyone. I feel too shy if someone looks at me while dancing. Sometimes it becomes too embaracing that I cannot dance. Can I learn it or I'll never b able to learn dancing?

  2. savvydating profile image95
    savvydatingposted 11 months ago

    Some say it has to do with "musicality," whatever that means. But I believe the answer is that it depends. Some people have an aptitude for hearing the music and translating it to dance. Such individuals can be taught to dance better. Others can practice until they are blue in the face and they still look a bit "wooden," not unlike a puppet.

    Since you enjoy dancing alone, I'd be willing to bet that you can be taught how to dance well, or at least well enough to feel comfortable dancing in public.

    I do know that a good student of dance is also a very good listener. On the other hand, dancing well is also a thing of getting outside of your head. If that isn't confusing, then I don't know what is. LOL.

    Anyway, my son is a professional dancer. He tells me that the best dancers are fearless, strong and disciplined. However, I think he is referring to ballerinas who are not afraid to run and leap into the air, knowing that her partner will catch her. So that probably leaves you and I out. Ha!

    But seriously, if you can move to the music at home, I'm pretty sure you can be taught to move even better in public. Hope you sign up for those lessons soon---or you may be able to find some videos, which would be WAY less expensive. Good luck and have fun!