Is the right to free speech in limbo, or is it beginning to be a thing of the pa

  1. Jennifer Snelling profile image60
    Jennifer Snellingposted 17 months ago

    Is the right to free speech in limbo, or is it beginning to be a thing of the past?

    In the light of how the Trump presidency has played out thus far, what do you think about when anti-Trump and anti-Trump administration/cabinet (i.e., Pence, DeVos) protestors are being harshly criticized for standing up for their beliefs and what was right? Also, how much under scrutiny do you believe peaceful demonstrations are perceived (e.g., Bethune-Cookman University graduates turning their backs on Betsy DeVos as she was beginning to speak or Notre Dame University graduates walking out on Mike Pence's speech)?

  2. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 17 months ago

    The students walking out and turning their backs is legal and their right. Liberal bully mobs are the bigger threat to free speech than anything else today.
    I am more concerned about Berkley students assaulting conservatives in line to listen to Milo. In the name of love and tolerance, they took flagpoles to beat people with and threw fireworks in makeshift incendiary devices.
    In the name of love and peace, students threatened and then chased a Middlebury professor and guest Charles Murray to a vehicle they then surrounded, beat, and assaulted the female professor - THEIR professor - so badly she was in the hospital.
    Evergreen College - a professor says don't demand other people leave because of their race and is threatened by a liberal lynch mob. Police were called but initially couldn't get to him. They escort him off campus because they could not guarantee his safety, on his campus, for daring to say "maybe SJWs shouldn't demand race based segregation". Over the next few days, students went in mobs to trap and debase white professors, admins and students for being on campus when these liberal hate mobs said "you're not supposed to be here". Trapped professors in a room, denying them use of the bathroom before mocking them. There is an image of Evergreen students proudly posing with bats to bash a fash - which was everyone not in agreement with them, though it is a very liberal, liberal arts college. They even beat a guy for chalking rock lyrics, mocking the professor they were protesting.
    So no, the peaceful protests aren't the problem. The liberal fascists violently assaulting everyone who isn't in ideological lockstep are the problem - acting as their professors taught them and doing what they believe is right. That is a threat to society, when someone denies that you should have the right to speak and demands their "right" to beat or kill you if you dare utter dissent. In that regard, SJWs are like Muslim fundamentalists screaming death to those who defame Islam. Which makes Kathy Griffin's photo that looks like an ISIS beheading photo just another example of this trend.


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