How do YOU feel about the poor vs how you feel about the rich?

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    gmwilliamsposted 7 months ago

    How do YOU feel about the poor vs how you feel about the rich?

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    manatita44posted 7 months ago

    Poverty is an extremely painful thing for many and has a variety of by-products: Hunger, homelessness, deprivation of sleep and many social issues. To be poor can sometimes be different. I was very poor in growing up, but I had plenty to eat, went to school and my mother taught me well.

    So perhaps we are looking at motivation here. Some can do more with the right mindset, yes, but again, we can all suddenly become victims of circumstances: famine, war ... like the destitute refugee ...

    Money is not and has never been a problem. With a knife I can stab someone, or I can peel fruits and cook food. Attachment is one of the five cardinal vices - the major ones - and it is this that leads to callousness, avarice or greed leading to enslavement. Another name for attachment, I guess. Then the whole thing becomes a problem.

    Outer affluence and inner opulence can and do grow together, but it is very rare. You may tell your daughter to party little or not to use alcohol, knowing that the problem lies not in the things themselves, but the temptations. Money is like that and too much generally leads to the path of destruction as we see for those who use it wrongly and the path of cold-heartedness by some, leading to the hunger and misery of others. A few, very few, use it wisely.