Spread Love

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    suraj78posted 8 years ago

    The most gracious of emotions that man experiences is love ; when you love, you can truly be your higher self. Love brings out the best in others.
    Points to be considered:
    - Love universally meaning love everyone without any discrimination or set notions.
    - Love is unconditional acceptance rather than changing people.
    - Fill yourself with love and project that love to all, universally.
    - Talk to everyone affectionately and forgive their mistakes.
    Just look at a mother who loves her child, or a lover who longs for his beloved. If you've experienced love, you'll know how pure this emotion makes you. The feeling is that of flawlessness and invincibility. It is bliss and joy ' the power of love.
    Love is not something that can be taught , but yes, it is possible to experience it. Nowadays it has become a commercial deal , if you do this I'll love u and if you do that I will not! It's subject to conditions , and is more of a power struggle.

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      lovelypaperposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Love is wonderful to give and recieve!

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    zampanoposted 8 years ago

    Amen !