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The Versatile Thumb

  1. parag5 profile image41
    parag5posted 7 years ago

    The Versatile Thumb

    Ever wondered how capable we human beings are at handling  things ?  (literally) , I did , then I realized looking  at my hands  how wonderfully  has the sculptor designed  the hand. Suddenly as being watchful towards my hands the thumb caught hold of my attention & I said to myself "this is it, this is the one which makes things possible because we start any special work by wishing 'best of luck' by raising  'the one'. It's a mark of identification for an illiterate (blessed) person as well as a criminal. The thumb needs no explanation for its importance and is discernible, analogically it can be put as a 'pen is to editor' or say 'fame is to an actor'. Taking an overview, even thumb is very significant in mobile technology because however hi-tech phones you manufacture. It's  the thumb which  makes it work because that's  the one who dials  the number(chuckle).
    The centre of forehead situated at the third eye on which auspicious mark (Tilak) is applied with the ring finger & thumb. The energy of the ring finger & thumb activates the energy flow of the centre of light (pituitary gland) which helps develop spiritual knowledge.

    According to acupuncture ,index points of thyroid exists at the base  of the thumb , thyroid maintains balance between size & type of body by exerting certain amount of pressure on the thyroid points, a balance is maintained in  its outflows.
    In ancient Indian scriptures Thumb is used for Gyaan mudra i.e. touching the tip of the forefinger to the tip of the thumb. Thumb represents Fire element among the 5 elements of which the whole existence is said to be made of. Gyaan mudra - bestows intelligence & wisdom, purifies the mind cures many mental ailments, gives a feeling of joy, and cures intoxication & addiction. 

    The universal gesture Thumbs-up has diverse connotation. Here are some of them I came across which may vary from country to country:
    Sexual Insult
    Human anatomy defines Thumb as Opposable thumb; it's the only finger that is able to touch all other fingers easily. The opposable thumb has helped the human species develop more accurate fine motor skills. Humans have a hand structure which the creator has sculpted so incisively that it is evident in our day to day life. We handle things by gripping them, most of the mammals, reptiles birds are capable of having their firm on their prey is possible only by using Thumb.

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      Raven1001posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Strange how something so small can effect so much .
      I saw a documentary about a woman born with no arms, so she used her feet for most day to day chores.   And she was good with those feet.  At one point her Dr xrayed her foot and they discovered that the bone in he big toe had started to separate slightly from the other toes and was becoming more like a thumb.   
      Is that cool or what?

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    goldenpathposted 7 years ago

    The thumb is also good for handling a massive booger that's driving you nuts in the middle of a church meeting and low, and behold, you've forgotten your hankerchief.  Thumb - ATEN HUT!  Commence extraction! smile

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    goldenpathposted 7 years ago

    If you're lonely you could also draw a little face on it and host a dialogue with it.  Call it Charlie, Mabel, Frank it don't matter.  The thumb is the universal statement that you'll always have a friend. smile