A Sicilian Never Squeels

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    hitalotposted 7 years ago

    One word to the wise;
    I got to toughen up up kid,
    Forget about whatever you had heard !
    From that of some disurbing word;
    What's the difference between a Siclian Wedding to a Sicilian funeral ?
    One less person ! ( Joke ! )

    A sit down will be justified when it comes to negotiation;
    Forget about the clear notion of delegation !
    This is clearly a business,
    A Sicilian never squeels !
    Now that the photo finish deal;
    He is loayl to his friends;
    What he say in the dark he also says in the light,
    A Sicilian never squeels cause he is the real deal !
    Poets in Sicily sometimes write in Sicilian,
    However, most speakers ( especially the youngest ones) are literate just in Italian, not Sicilian; this imples a poor knowledge of the written language in all its formal grammar and spelling rules,
    "Una manu lava all' autra e tutti dui lavanu la facci. "