Education Nation

  1. profile image51
    dragonrider32posted 8 years ago

    On the Today program all this week they are having a series of discussions with teachers, parents, kids, principals and elected officials. Even President Obama was on to start it off. It's worth a look. One thing to remember while you watch it: where you live, the socio-economic background, the number of special needs students, the number of economically disadvantaged children, the number of children that went to preschool, the direction of the school district itself, the education/experience level of your staff, and the amount of parent involvement/interaction with their children DOES make a difference in the so called "ratings of schools". Anyone who has been in education long enough and looks at teaching and learning with a balanced view will tell you that. So, that in mind, listen to the discussions and use your own intellect and common sense to guide you.

  2. farlona profile image39
    farlonaposted 8 years ago

    I agree with you on the problem, I will look at the Today show programs and try to find the one you refer to. The problem also is that we have a lot of Americans that believe in separation of church and state. This creates a barrier for activity from parents when they might take up a dedication to stay out of politics. The psychology behind that idea needs research. I myself have a neutral dedication and will become active in economical struggles (socio-economics)that our children are facing in the future; but what can I do... but sit in this not cold and not hot place? I do believe in being hot for morality issues and ethical issues and that is where I find my balance. Yet within a realm of spiritual beliefs. It is also true that all citizens have a religious protection in the constitution...which might be why there is an idea to change the constitution. No matter what your political or religious beliefs, as a human struggling in our environment we must be active in our own life and not become a burden to others. Some in search of economic assistance might fall back on religious help for economic problems and the state help. This is what happens: The state will say "what about your religion?" and the religion will say "what about state programs?" They each pass the buck so that no one gets it. Stand, yes, stand neutral, yes; but stand! Do not sit in a place that is neither hot nor cold; find balance in your religious beliefs that will secure the faith that we are all one people on this globe: a species that is really unique to all other specie kingdoms in the world (if not the universe). That is the faith that we need that we are spiritual and the products of the Kingdom of Love; where acts of love to our fellow man is where we should STAND! The rich need to see the poor (GIVE TO PROGRAMS FOR BENEFITING THE POOR) and then, the poor might disappear. farlona


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