Eternal Learning

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  1. healwell51 profile image73
    healwell51posted 10 years ago

    Eternal Learner

    Day by day and moment by moment I am feeling that I am learning constant learning more and more and indicating me that I am an ETERNAL LEARNER!

    When I was studying and not getting what I wanted to get and learn, at that time I was thinking why such things are not part of education? And at last I was disillusioned that the system of education is based on limited concept of running the society with a bounded way!

    Though there were good things and they were talking about freedom and liberty and connected those things with education! And I learned my first lesson that learning is my own responsibility and education is a part of my social system and I have to go through!

    But when I was out from university and did struggle to get job, I really learned more specifically that constant learning is the life!

    And then i come across with self learning processes and yes gone ahead with that and reached up to this point that I am an Eternal Lerner and still there is no end of learning!

    Is there few more that has got this kind of realization?

    Barin Mehta

  2. thranax profile image58
    thranaxposted 10 years ago

    I also believe we learn new things everyday.

  3. mingoville profile image54
    mingovilleposted 10 years ago

    Learning doesn't stop as we finish school, its a continuous process..."Eternal Learner" learns from life's lessons. Like the experiences we've been through the pains, joys and love. This lessons we learn makes us whole and mature in dealing with life.

  4. wychic profile image86
    wychicposted 10 years ago

    I agree that we are "eternal learners"...and no, I don't think everyone is. Sure, throughout the course of a day you will be exposed to new things, however minor, but those who do not enjoy learning will not take note of these things and will do nothing to seek out new learning opportunities. To me an eternal learner is not someone who continues to learn but rather someone who keeps an all-consuming passion for learning and constantly works to seek out new experiences and information.

    As for schools...I can only speak from what I've seen in the US public schools and from homeschooling before that and I have to say that the big problem I see with the public school is that it basically runs on the belief that there are a few certain things everyone must know (decided by some educational board somewhere) and those things will be rammed down children's throats for eight hours a day, four or five days a week until the only thing they know of education is a negative force-feeding and all that information is forgotten as soon as they pass the relevent tests. On the other hand, in my younger years (before public school) I was taught how to teach myself and how to find fulfillment through learning, I've still learned all that information from the public schools and a lot more besides but I learned it in my own time and because I wanted I still can't get enough of learning! Every time I think about something or hear a small fact or see something working in everyday life I want to know why, how humans came to that conclusion, the history of the enigma in question, etc...the qualities that I think denote an eternal learner.

  5. profile image0
    Ronald Daniarposted 10 years ago

    We learn building ourselves from our prior knowledge into a knowledge that will become our next prior knowledge. It never stops.


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