can someone help with this system analysis and design question???

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    Odunlami Olawaleposted 7 years ago

    Consider an automated library circulation system. Every book has a bar code, and every burrower has a card bearing a bar code. When a burrower wishes to check out a book, a librarian enters C at the computer terminal, then scan the bar codes on the book and the burrower�s card. Similarly, when a book is returned, a librarian enters R and the book is again scanned. Librarians can add books (+) to the library collection or remove from them (-). Librarians and burrowers can go to a terminal and determine all the books in the library by a particular author (the librarian or burrower enters A= followed by the author�s name), all the books with a specific title (T= followed by the title), or all the books in a particular subject area (S= followed by the subject area). Finally, if a burrower wants a book currently checked out, a librarian can place a hold on the book so that, when it is returned, it will be held for the burrower who requested it (H= followed by the number of the book). Draw the use-case diagram of the library information system and give descriptions of the use cases.