Learning strategies to ace CBSE exams

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    saanj Hposted 7 years ago

    s the board exam approaches, the student feel the heat of the exam. The exam anxiety takes a toll on the students. The best tool in combating the exam anxiety is to revise frequently. This will also help the students in re-storing the confidence and prepare themselves for the forthcoming examinations. The students need to follow a set study schedule to excel in the exams and also increase their confidence in themselves. One needs to plan and develop a good study strategy to ace in the CBSE exams.

    Some of the tips to help the student to ace the CBSE exams are as follows.

    The students need to collect and organize their notes well in advance. The notes must be collated . ( The NCERT books, the classroom notes and the tutorial notes.) Then these notes need to be summarized and the important points in the topics must be highlighted. Once the important points are noted down, the student needs to refine it. These serve as the most ideal revision notes. The student must prepare all the synopsis of all the chapters. This will aid in the revision process. Later these revision notes can be compared with the revision notes on the educational websites to jod down a few important points. You can copy the illustrations given in the textbooks.

    Commence your revision process. The students need to also design a exam strategy.  This will help in the effective time management and stress management. Solve the previous year's question papers. This will also give you a practice of the exam question papers. This will also help the students in assessing their own potential and their preparation levels. Finally, you need to have a positive attitude and confidence that helps you to fare well in the exam. This helps you to excel in the exam.