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AIEEE 2011 Exam Preparation

  1. saumil_iitb profile image56
    saumil_iitbposted 7 years ago

    AIEEE 2011 exam is one of the toughest engineering exam to get admission in Top Engineering colleges. Every year a large number of students across the country participated in this exam to get admission in the various renowned IITs, NITs and state level institutes. Last time nearly 9 lakhs students appeared for AIEEE exam. Last time nearly 9 lakhs students appeared for AIEEE exam.

    Aspirants who are going to sit for AIEEE 2011 exam can check the relevant information on the official site of AIEEE. Most of the students have started their preparation at the beginning of their 12th because they know that AIEEE exam is conducted at All India level therefore requires more dedication of the students. It is very important to follow as many preparation books as possible because after solving variety of questions they will get an idea of the questions coming in AIEEE 2011.

    Interested students can ask their queries here.

    1. Craftsmith profile image58
      Craftsmithposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      It is surely one of the popular exams, but isn't the competition level too high? As in what are the chances of making it to the top colleges. Also is it possible to get a list of the top AIEEE colleges?

  2. saumil_iitb profile image56
    saumil_iitbposted 7 years ago

    If you want a Top Engineering college then undoubtedly you will have to crack exam like AIEEE or IIT JEE with no matter how tough competition will be. Students who are studying in 12th have already cleared in their mind about AIEEE or IIT JEE and that's why they have started their preparation about 1 year before the exam date.

    On the basis of engineering entrance exams score, students can apply to number of top engineering colleges and if they don't get admission to World ranking colleges like IIT's, Birla Institute of Technology etc, then still they have lot of other options to get admission in above average colleges. Find the list of top engineering colleges on the educational sites.

    Feel free to ask your query

    1. Craftsmith profile image58
      Craftsmithposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for the information Saumil. Actually my brother would be completing his 12th this year, so wanted to know about his chances to clear the exam. As you mentioned, he has been preparing for the exam for a year now.

      Can we take the exam more than once?

  3. saumil_iitb profile image56
    saumil_iitbposted 6 years ago

    Just giving 1 year for doing AIEEE 2011 preparation is not enough because there are number of students who have spent a long period for preparation but at the end failed to crack it.

    It is very important to keep a check that what's your current performance & how you can improve it.

    Some of the points you should take care of -

    - time taken to Answer questions
    - Accuracy
    - Keep solving previous year AIEEE question papers
    - Speed
    - Consult your seniors for better guidance

    There is always a second chance for students who have failed to crack AIEEE exam but it's not easy to drop a year and start your preparation again on the risk that this time you will crack it. It's completely your decision that either you want to drop it or want to get admission in decent engineering college.