Various teaching styles in the classroom Management

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    saanj Hposted 7 years ago

    The process of maintaining the decorum of the class with a productive environment begins with the teacher. Each one of us remembers the teachers who have taught us well. On the similar footing we never forget the teachers who have given us nightmares. Have you ever wondered why do we cherish all these memories? The main reason is the teaching style adopted by these teachers in the classroom.

    Styles of teaching:

    There are many teaching styles adopted by the teachers in the classrooms. Here are some of the common teaching styles of the teachers.

    1. Authoritarian Teaching Style: The teachers who follow this style of teaching are referred by students as screamers. These teachers can compel the students to obey them. They create an apprehension in the minds of the students by yelling in the class. The students remain silent only due to the fear of the teacher.

    2. Permissive Teaching Style: The teachers who follow this style of teaching maintain a friendly relation with the students. Students feel free to ask for any queries or doubts to such teachers. She is the one who keeps the classroom session interactive.

    3. Detached Teaching Style:  The teachers who follow this style has a care free attitude. She can neither support the  children emotionally nor academically. She never involves in the teaching whole heartedly.

    4. Authoritative Teaching Style: The teachers who follow this method of teaching are very orderly in nature. They can maintain the decorum in the class and also cater to the needs of the students. These teachers are strict as well as caring. This is an ideal teaching style. Students usually respect the teachers who follow this style of teaching. They know that  these teachers are protective and supportive and they can look up to them to sort out any problems.

    The teachers need to keep reviewing  their respective teaching styles. This helps them to upgrade their own  knowledge and improve their teaching methodologies.