Check out this little boy

  1. fadedsnow profile image60
    fadedsnowposted 6 years ago
  2. mathsciguy profile image59
    mathsciguyposted 6 years ago

    I know everybody will call me a hater because of this..

    I'm not really 'impressed' by the kid's ability.  I'm not picking on him, because I know he's just a kid and he isn't the one spreading his ability across Yahoo! News like it's something to adulate.  That's his parents' deal and they do have reason to be very proud that they have what seems to be a nice, good-natured and talented son.  But, from what I understand about savants like this, he was born with a brain phenomenally-suited for astrophysics.  Just like a bird is born with arms phenomenally suited for flight (we call them wings), this boy is simply naturally a prodigy.  To me though, in order to be truly impressive some struggle must be overcome.  He's just doing what he does, being a young boy and trying to satisfy his curiosity.

    For the average person, just learning and understanding the subject is struggle enough to merit respect.  For those to whom it comes naturally though.. it will take more than just precociousness to really make me 'impressed.'  But good for him, anyway!  I hope he achieves fame and great discovery in his lifetime.