The Relation of Grades to Future Career Success and Earning Power

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    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago

    A students are usually more successful in life than either B and/or C students.   A students because of their academic acumen usually attend the better/more prestigious colleges and universities as  the better colleges and universitiies such as Columbia, Fordham, and Harvard only accept students at the top tenth of their respective high school classes.   B students are seldom accepted at prestigious colleges and universities.  Forget about the C students- most colleges refuse to accept them at all.  C students usually attend community colleges. 

    The A student is usually ahead of the game in school and in life.   A students are more likely to attend graduate schools.  This translates into they having more prestigious careers and being on the fast track because of their grades.    I believe that A students rule the world and that the mythological premise that C students rule the world is totally inane.   In fact, C students do not rule the world- they are at the bottom jobwise and economically.   C students are less likely to have a college education and they are usually relegated to lower level jobs.   A C student who is highly successful is totally an oxymoron to say the least.   Let me not digress, A students have it made in school and throughtout life- they are, in fact, the most successful people around.   Do you agree with this premise?