Double digit temperatures in Texas and elsewhere

  1. art-max profile image60
    art-maxposted 6 years ago

    We are experiencing severe droughts that has never been seen quite like this in Texas before. There is also an unrelenting heat wave that is bombarding us. The tempertures are soaring as high as 110 degrees or more. When will it ever end? Note: August is just getting started.

    1. kerryg profile image87
      kerrygposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I think you mean triple digits. wink

      I haven't heard any reliable estimates about when this particular drought will end, but though I'm sure it will eventually, I'm not that optimistic about the future of Texas and the US Southwest in general. Paleoclimatologists have discovered that Texas and the Southwest have a history of droughts lasting not just years, but decades. In Arizona in the Medieval Warm Period, there is evidence of several droughts that lasted 50-60 years, each.

      If these climate patterns are returning (and there is evidence that they are), then Texas and the Southwest could be ghost towns within 100 years. Water resources in most of the region are already in stress, and wells are running dry in this current drought, which hasn't even lasted one year. 60 years is nearly unimaginable.