Global Warming - Who to trust?

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    JaxsonRaineposted 5 years ago

    Here is a graph from NASA showing the US mean temperature up through 1999

    And here is a chart showing the US mean temperature through 2007

    Now, you would think that only the temperatures after 1999 would be new or different, right?

    Strangely, there are many many changes though. So, I over-layed the charts on top of each other. The red line is the original, and the green line is the new set of data. Along the first half of the chart, the new data had a tendancy to be listed lower than previously, and at the end of the chart, the new data was listed higher. Coincidentally, lowering the left and raising the right of the chart makes the temperature change look more severe than it is.

    Looking at specifics, the last 4 data points(black boxes) on the 1999 chart are listed at approximately -0.4, -0.4, -0.2, 0.9. On the 2007 chart, those same 4 data points are listed at -0.1, -0.1, 0.2, and 1.3.

    I'm sure they have some kind of explanation for why they had to raise the temperatures years after the fact, but it all seems a little too convenient to me.

    Especially when you contrast the land temperature data with satellite temperature data. If you take off from NASA's land temperature data that ~0.4 degree 'cushion' from 1990-2010, then suddenly NASA's land data looks a lot more similar to the satellite data.

    Satellite data:

    NASA ground data:

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    lone77starposted 5 years ago

    During any climate change, either up or down, you will have some chaotic elements. There will be areas where temperatures will go down and other areas where temperatures will go up.

    We're experiencing areas where there is severe drought and other areas that are experiencing severe flooding. The Arctic and Antarctic are losing massive amounts of ice, while snow storms in some regions seem more severe than ever.

    It's like the six blind men and the elephant. One feels a wall, another a snake, another a tree. They are feeling only parts of the whole. You can aim your sensors at one region and see increase; aim it at another and see decrease.

    We have climate change. That's a given. It seems that the average overall temperature of the planet is going up. This is nothing new. Climate fluctuates all the time.

    Even if man is causing the current warming and climate fluctuations, don't buy into the hype of the New World Order and United Nations. They merely want another way to milk the planet of more money. Don't buy into it.

    The real controversy is the greed pulling the strings behind the scenes. Their sleight-of-hand wants you to be distracted by the two "sides" of the global warming debate. But follow the money. There is where the real motivation lies.

    Who do you trust? Trust the actions of others to reveal their true motivation. That is the true engine of history.

    In the current political climate, several Republicans are vying for a shot at President Obama. Every one of them, but one, has been wishy-washy on policy. The only rock-solid, consistent candidate is Ron Paul. The only one with presidential integrity (based on their behavior over the last few decades) is Ron Paul.

    Don't worry about global warming. Earth will take care of itself. And if we have to move our cities a few miles farther inland, so be it. We need to care more for each other in our unstated war with the terror that is the greed of the super rich. The threads of liberty are being cut. If the super rich get their way, we soon won't be able to have this conversation. Don't let normalcy bias fool you. Some of the same signs heralding disaster in Nazi Germany are happening right now in America.

    An interview with the late Aaron Russo is quite revealing. Check out the video.