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    Erma Roveraposted 5 years ago

    Your probably inhaling mostly okay. Im guessing that the amount of smoke your inhaling is uncomfortable, which causes you to pressurize your chest and lungs, squeezing in discomfort. This squeezing will lead you to contract your throat, closing it, and therefore making you swallow smoke. Most of the smoke probably went right into your lungs like it is supposed to. The end of your inhale is the problem. You may be taking hits too big for you to handle. If your hit is too big, then the last of the smoke will be in your throat, and not deep in your lungs like its supposed to be. When the smoke is in your throat, and your throat/chest is pressurized and contracting, you will swallow smoke.

    Make sure to relax, and to protect your throat from the smoke, by inhaling with your lung power, instead of your throat power. This will make more sense as you continue to smoke. Its kinda like smoking on a cigarette. Your not supposed to suck in the smoke like it is air going down your throat. You use your lung power to create a vacuum with your mouth.

    I made a post about this a while ago. It was thanked I think, so you can find it somewhere. I tried to find it so I could post it for you, but I forgot how to reach it.

    Edit: Voila, I found it.

    "For smoking....A lot of experienced smokers don't remember how difficult it can be the first time. If your not used to inhaling and smoking, the actions and physical maneuvers can be difficult to understand and implement.

    When your smoking, pull the smoke in using the muscles of your cheeks, and lips, to create a sucking vacuume, like you were going to suck on a sucker...

    Create a suction from deep within the lungs. Don't try and breath the smoke in, like its air, air that you wouldn't mind rubbing up against your throat. This is a big ass fucking problem. Improper inhales and burning.

    First time I smoked up, I just opened my gullet and sucked, boy was that awful...

    So, suck with the lips and mouth, creating a vacuume, exclude the throat, and use the power of your lung-suction to coincide with your mouth's suction.

    Bring the joint away, and take a big gulp of fresh air. Inhale the smoke fast, don't let it creep down into your lungs, or the burning will make you cough. The cough will make you scared.

    Try sucking on something that has some airflow to it... Like an unlit cigarette. What I'm saying will eventually make more sense. Suck on the end of a cigarette, it has a "pull" to it. you will notice that the pull is like a vacuume, sucking into your mouth. If you use your lungs to power this, you will have a more tolerable hit.

    What you may be inclined to do (the wrong way or painful way,) Is to synchronize all three of your inhaling events. Meaning you will naturally try to suck it in, down the throat, into the lungs. Like its a continual, unbroken flow of air that your breathing, like normal respiration.

    We want to take the throat out of this equation. We want to pull it in the mouth, and expand the lungs to create a natural, fast suction, that protects your throat from the exposure. Try making a small hole with your lips now, and suck in air. Then open your mouth wide open, like your going to take a normal breath, try to realize the difference.

    Next step...So, you successfully inhale the hit, and you take a big deep breath of fresh air to push it into the lungs. Once there, do not compress your lungs. Do not squeeze them, pressurize them, or add any force. You must relax your lung muscles.

    If your going to cough...If it is too much for you, as with beginners, it usually is, you'll feel the overwhelming desire to cough your throat out. Avoid this at all costs.

    Its a very fast realization, sometimes it hits the throat awkwardly, and you know that your going to need to cough...This is what you do... Expell the smoke from your lungs without coughing. Be calm, and exhale, relatively fast, before your coughing instinct takes over. Once the smoke is gone, you can cough.

    Coughing with a lungful of hot pot smoke is fairly unpleasant, and can lead to smoke-swallowing.

    Smoke swallowing. Do not compress your insides, and do not swallow your throat. Some people swallow, or make the swallow motion with their throat during the hit. Thats when your throat squeezes together. In my experience, this creates a smoke bubble that will go to your stomach. This can make you feel like your "sick" or in discomfort. I've burped up smoke 10 minutes after the hit..."

    - Sr. Guncow