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World's Most Ridiculous Lawsuits.

Updated on December 23, 2017
jasonponic profile image

Recently married on Sept. 8, 2017, Jason Ponic works in the exciting world of Hollywood film and television by day and writes by night.

Endless Possibilities

Everyone loves their liberty and their justice. In these tough economic times, everybody is looking for a way to make a million. Have you ever thought about suing somebody because they look like you? How about suing yourself? Oh the possibilities are endless!

Now I know what you are thinking, "That would never fly in court." I wouldn't be so sure. Some of these judgements are astonishing! Lets take a look at the world's most ridiculous lawsuits and lets just see how many are frivolous and which actually earned money!

WARNING: Due to the sarcastic nature of my writing, reader discretion is advised.

Me Vs. Myself

So was the case in 1995 when Robert Lee Brock, an inmate from Indian Creek Correctional Center, filed a very serious lawsuit against himself for $5 million. Why? Because he violated his own civil rights, duh?

"I caused myself to violate my religious beliefs." He scolded himself.

This stuff is serious so pay attention.

Brock argued that his religion forbids alcohol. So when he decided to drink in 1993, he went out and got arrested for breaking and entering and grand larceny. He demanded, angrily, $5 million from himself and argued that the state should pay it on his behalf because he was in the joint. Or as his lawsuit worded it, "am a ward of the state."

Of course the case was dismissed but not before the judge noted that it was a fresh and innovative look at civil rights.

Man sued Budweiser because he didn't get any women.

Those evil corporations, man. They advertise all these outrageous claims that if you drink their beer, you'll get nothing beautiful women. Say what?

1991. Poor Richard Overton sued Anheuser-Busch for $10,000 because of emotional distress, mental anguish, and financial loss caused by drinking their beer. As outlined in his lawsuit, the beer failed to make his fantasies come true of beautiful women showering him with love and attention.

Yes it the case was dismissed. I don't know what was sadder, the fact he believed the advertisements or the fact his happiness was only worth $10,000.


Where are my pants!?! Judge Sues Dry Cleaners.

Judge Roy Pearson Jr. couldn't stand it when a Ma & Pa dry cleaners lost his pants. So he decided to sue them for the value of said pants. Who cares if the case demoralized the poor South Korean immigrant owners of the cleaners? Does it matter that the public demanded the judge be disbarred and removed from office for his frivolous lawsuit? Of course not! What matters is that we are talking about the loss of the World's Most Valuable Pants: $54 million according to Pearson.

Not surprisingly, the judge's case was ruled in favor of the defendants.

Sleeping in Class Equals Lawsuit Gold

Aww. A poor little student tattle-tailed to mommy and daddy that his mean old math teacher woke him up from a hard earned nap during class with a slap to desk. Is there room for the World's Smallest Violin?

So was the 2008 case with 15 year old Vinicios Robacher whose parents are suing his school, the school system, the Connecticut Board of Education and the city of Danbury itself, for the "severe injuries to his left eardrum." He'd better not go to any rock concerts, god forbid.

The case eventually collapsed but justice was still served as Mr Vinicios has been ridiculed by his classmates ever since. Legal justice is nothing compared to classroom justice, man.

When did haunted houses become too scary?

Cleanthi Peters was outraged. She claimed that her trip to Universal Studios' Halloween Horrors haunted house caused, and I quote, "extreme fear, mental anguish, and emotional distress."........[cricket].......[cricket]......[cricket]......Uh, isn't that the whole point of a haunted house? Or was this woman's idea of a haunted house a puppet show at the local church? Nevertheless, in 2000, the 50 year old woman, sued Universal for $15,000 and WON! I only have one thing to say, better not let this woman into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Otherwise Universal might find itself bankrupt.

Church Sues Woman Over Bad Google Review

Everyone pushes the limits of what the 1st Amendment is, but in this case, the 1st Amendment doesn't even apply. An Oregon Church is suing one of its former members for $500,000 over a scathing review she left on Google. Her review is colorful that's for sure, filled with metaphors like 'creepy', 'cult', 'control tactics', etc. Of course the pastor disagrees. After reviewing the case, the judge dismissed the lawsuit deeming the reviews a public response in a public forum and therefore legal.

That's all for now!

Check back often as this hub will continue to grow!


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    • Geekdom profile image

      Geekdom 5 years ago

      Those were some good one. The Budweiser one has me asking was the guy that much of an idiot or that desperate to sue? Kind of scary.

    • jasonponic profile image

      Jason Ponic 5 years ago from Albuquerque

      Heartbreaking indeed, Davesworld. I do believe it is a strategy employed by the vast majority of vindictive lawsuits: starve the defendant into submission.

    • Davesworld profile image

      Davesworld 5 years ago from Cottage Grove, MN 55016

      If I remember correctly, Judge Pearson's lawsuit over his favorite pants had a chilling side to it. The dry cleaner's lost their business due to legal bills defending against the idiot.

    • jasonponic profile image

      Jason Ponic 5 years ago from Albuquerque

      When you gotta go, you gotta go. I am currently researching one case where a woman sued a restaurant for no toilet paper.

    • Charles James profile image

      Charles James 5 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      There was quite a good one in the USA where a woman travelling second class (Or equivalent) in a plane was busting to use the toilet. There were considserable queues to use the second class toilets. She snuck into the First Class area and used one of their toilets.

      A lawyer travelling first class sued her for this heinous action accusing her of trespass upon his inchoate property rights. I do not know how the case ended

    • profile image

      SelenaLyn 5 years ago

      This was bizarrely fascinating. Looking forward to reading up on more lawsuits!