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What Are The Affects Of Global Warming On The Inhabitants Of The Overpopulated Planet

Updated on December 10, 2012

With global warming creeping slowly into our very near future, some of the more concerned citizens of the overpopulated planet are starting to wonder what the affects of global warming will be. Well it seems the affects of global warming are not going to be good. Even now severe storms and floods in areas that do not normally get flooded are a precursor to what we can expect.

In Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truthhe mentioned mass migrations of peoples on the over-populated planet to areas that are not prone to flooding. But the affects of global warming will change everything. In England they have severe flooding and raging rivers, while Australia runs out of water and the outback goes up in smoke.

Things Are Not Good For The People On The Overpopulated Planet

With the affects of global warming hanging over our heads where can we run to. We should keep away from the coastline because as the ice fields melt the seas will rise and the coastlines will be inundated.

Also we have to keep away from rivers as they have a tendency to flood. With global warming we are talking flash raging floods not the slow creeping type that gives you time to get away. Then if you head for the bush you end up battling forest fires.

What "National Geography" has to say

So What Are The People On The Overpopulated Planet To Do.

That is the $34,000 question and the affects of global warming are going to make it a lot harder to answer. I’m looking for a small village in a place that is not too cold, away from rivers and the coast but not surrounded by forest. Possibly near the forest but not in it. Now where do you find a place like that. For more information about the affects of global warming see our global warming page.

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