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Globes Of The World - World Globes For Sale

Updated on August 30, 2011

Educational Globes

Here's a great selection of globes of the world that are great educational tools to teach children about geography. Coming in many different forms there is a world globe to suit every budget and requirement, from fun inflatable globes to detailed cartography.

Learning geography doesn't have to be boring, with a world globe it can be easy to keep kids entertained by making it fun. Teach children about continents, oceans and seas, capital cities and more. You can have a lot of fun devising games for children to teach them about geography, and a globe is so much better than an atlas. It brings places alive.

Especially great for homeschooling, these globes can be used anywhere around the home and then put in a cupboard when not in use.

Children's Globes

Teaching kids with a globe is fun, I spent many an hour as a child glued to my globe looking at all the different place names and seeing just how far away they were.

A particular educational game that still helps me out today is that of guess the capital. I would spend hours looking for the names of places in bold (or the equivalent according to your globe) taking a mental note of which country they belonged to and then when my Dad used to get home from work we would take our dog for a walk and he would quiz me.

You of course don't need to leave the house for this game, but it was just a fun way to pass the time and little did I realize, but those capitals are still stuck in my head well over 20 years since I last looked at a modern day globe!

Learning through fun is a great way to not only get kids interested and excited about learning, but also a great way to ensure that the knowledge sticks.

Inflatable Globes

For a real fun way to learn about geography, these inflatable globes are just the thing. They are super affordable and perfect for outdoor learning.

Catch games can be incorporated into the learning process. Choose a country or continent that catches the eye as the inflatable globe is caught and tell a fact about it. There are so many ways that games can be used to teach.

If you are looking for a really affordable globe, you can't beat going for an inflatable.

Levitating Globes

If you have a bit more cash to spend then a levitating globe is a sure fire way to get kids interested. Don't tell them about the science bit (save that for later for science lessons!) pretend it's magic at work and watch as they look on in wonder.

These globes of course aren't just for kids, they would look equally great in an adult study or home office.

For something a little different, these globes make a great talking point, as well as being just as educational as less 'magical' ones!

Buy a world globe, they're great educational fun!


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