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Floor Globes - World Globes For Sale

Updated on August 30, 2011

Globes Of The World

Floor globes are beautiful items that should take pride of place in any living room, study or home office. Here is a great selection of these classic items to choose from below: antique style, gemstone globes, illuminated globes and contemporary style.

For anyone with an interest in geography and beautiful home furnishings, floor globes are a perfect gift either to yourself or a loved one. They are true items of beauty that come in a variety of styles, whether you are looking for a traditional floor globe or something a little more contemporary, there is something to suit all styles, tastes and home decor.

Anyone who has ever seen any of the Molyneux globes (only six of which are thought to still be in existance) either in person or photo, will know the true extent of just how beautiful a floor globe can be. If you are looking for an Elizabethan Molyneux style of globe there are some stunning examples of that style and many others below.

Elizabethan Style Floor Globes

These are pefect examples of an antique globe style.

Made from dark wood and with little or muted color on the surface of the globe, these beautiful items are keeping in theme with the Molyneux style as presented to Queen Elizabeth I in the 1600's.

For more traditional home decor, this style of floor globe would look wonderful as a statement piece in a lounge.

If you like the antique globe style, these are the best examples you will find for these kinds of prices. Less than $200 for this kind of globe is phenomenal value for money!

For more contemporary globes, scroll down.

Gemstone Globes

If you are looking for a globe that is truly oppulent then a gemstone globe can't really be beaten. These stunning pieces are ornate, stylish and hard to take your eyes off of.

More contemporary than the antique style globes, these would look fantastic in either a traditional decor or a more modern one.

With a choice of Mother Of Pearl, Blue Lapis or Black Onyx and a choice of stand either in silver or gold, it would be easy to match a gemstone globe to fit in with your existing home funrishings and decor.

Illuminated Globes

Illuminated floor globes come in antique and contemporary styles so there's something for both tastes.

Illuminated globes make a great alternative to traditional lighting and can be much more ascetically pleasing than a regular floor lamp.

Best suited to a room that is used of an evening, an illuminated globe will be the focal point so choosing the right style to compliment your room should be important.

Globes Of The World - Contemporary Style

More for educational purposes than as a piece of home furnishing, these globes are perfect for students and / or those with an active interest in geography.

Perfect for a would-be explorer these globes are great for kid's bedrooms, home offices or the den.


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