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High School Tips

Updated on November 25, 2018
Sandralizzz profile image

Sandraliz is a senior in highschool. She has faced highschool with a trial and error method.

Highschool can be tough for incoming freshman. I remember when I had just graduated middle school I was excited for highschool yet nervous at the same time. These feelings are completely normal. As a senior I’ve been through the ups and downs of being a student so here are a couple of tips to make your time at highschool more enjoyable.

1. Make New Friends

It‘s likely that you are going to highschool with peoole you already know, but there’s no guarantee you will have the same classes or even have the same lunch. You need to be able to open your mind to the idea of new people. You never know what connections you can make.

2. Study

I know you’ve heard this one before, study. It can really help improve your grades and your stress levels. Knowing the material is way better than having to guess during a test. Study in a way that’s best for you.

3. Be Yourself

Another cliche yet very valid. You are going to be in highschool for four years. If you act like someone you’re not you will be inclined to keep up the act which is harder than just being you. People tend to like more genuine people. To top it off if someone doesn’t like the real you then they really don’t deserve your time.

4. Stand Up For Yourself

This doesn’t mean go around fighting everyone. Don’t let people walk all over you. You are strong and you don’t deserve to have someone make you feel otherwise.

5. Dress How You Want To

Do not let anyone try to tell you how to dress. If you feel good wearing sweatpants and a sweater on a Friday do it. If you want to wear a cute skirt with a button up shirt do it. Just remember that your school may have a school dress code that you should follow if you don’t want to be in trouble.

6. Detention Is Not Fun

Detention isn’t the worse place on the planet but it’s not exciting. The teacher in there does not want to be there, they are not happy that they have to be. You really just sit in a room without talking and wait for the time to pass you by. Misbehaving in detention will earn you more detention. Trust me after to being at school for hours you’ll want to be home.

7. Get Involved

Never too soon to think about college. Colleges love to see that you did more than just go to school that you contributed. Join a sport team or a club. It’s a great way to meet new people that share your interests. Talk about an icebreaker.

8. Do Your Homework

Some teachers grade your homework so just do it. It will help you better understand the topic. There will be times where you truly don’t want to even think about homework but your best bet is to do it. Teachers are more inclined to help students that do their work.

9. Go To School Functions

Things like football games, pep rallys, dances are actually fun. You will seriously regret not going to things like that. They are the embodiment of school spirit. It really makes you feel like you’re apart of the school.

10. Have Fun

These four years you are in for a ride. It’s going to be hard. So when you have an opportunity to have fun take it. Make good decisions but also let loose and enjoy yourself.


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