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My Thirty Year Reunion Was a Blast

Updated on August 10, 2020
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Linda writes articles on a variety of genre's; poetry, recipes, mental health, health & wellness and personal stories about her life.

High School Year Books

Mound Westonka High School
Mound Westonka High School | Source

Purpose of a Class Reunion

According to, the purpose of a class reunion is:

  • Rekindling Old Friendships
  • Revisiting Old Memories
  • Showing Off
  • Visiting Your Home Town
  • Visiting your Family

I can't believe it's my 30 year re-union

It's really hard to believe how fast time flies. One minute your in highschool, then you find yourself graduating, onto college, Job ventures, life experiences and then...No way, it is not my thirty year reunion.

We had a really great class of 1981. Most of us were pretty close but of course there were the high school clicks. Here are some of the terms we used to describe different groups of people in high school. Burnouts, Frocks, Jocks, Nerdy, Book Smart. A burnout was someone that spent a lot of time partying. Back then, the popular drugs of choice were: alcohol, pot or marijuana and speed. I know people tried other, more dangerous drugs, but the ones I listed were pretty common place. A jock was someone that spent a lot of time in sports and athletic activities. A frock was a mix between a burnout or Fry and a jock, therefore, frock. They were in sports but also spent time partying at keggers and other party venues. I think most of us know what nerd and booksmart encompasses. Of course, there were people like me that didn't really fit any of the categories. I wasn't a great student but I wasn't a jock or burnout. My sister and I liked to hang out with all differen't types of people, it made life more exciting. For me, highschool was a nice experience. The only thing I would change if I could go back, is to take school a little more serious. I was smart but I just didn't apply myself because I didn't think it was important. Thankfully, it didn't ruin my chances for college placement and years later, I would eventually receive a Master's degree in Counseling and Psychological Services.

Pre-Party Gathering


This was the second year my twin sister and I, held a pre-gathering at the house. The reunion was held at the Golden Valley Country Club, just a few miles from our home. Fellow classmates have enjoyed getting together with a small group before the big event. It also helps break the ice before mingling with so many at the Country Club. Laura and I and two of our closest highschool friends, Lynn and Brian, had fun getting things prepared for our pre-party. We did a lot of yard work, just in case weather permitted us to be outside. It turned out to be a very humid day, so we ended up inside with the AC cranked. This was the first year my sister advertised it on Facebook, so we had no idea what kind of turn out we would have. Thankfully, it was a handful of people and nothing we couldn't handle. It meant a lot to Laura and I to see how comfortable people felt at our home. We had fun watching everyone catch up and enjoy themselves.

High School Friends


Buffet of Appetizers


Facebook Spreads the Word to Bring a Dish

You have to love this day and age of computer technology. Laura asked people on facebook to bring a dish/appetizer to pass. The buffet turned out to have a nice variety of goodies but not too much to ruin our appetites for the upcoming dinner at the Country Club.

Facebook Spreads the Word to B.Y.O.B.

Laura asked people to bring their own beverages via Facebook. We made sure to have some on hand just in case. Nothing like cold beverages on ice on a hot humid day.

Cold Beverages


Golden Valley Country Club

Group photo of the class of "1981"
Group photo of the class of "1981" | Source

The evening at the Country Club began with social hour. I had so much fun talking to everyone and bringing up stories of the glory days. One of the funniest moments was when I talked to a classmate named Bob. I revealed that I was afraid of him back in the day because he would follow me out of art class and punch me in the arm or push me. Bob was a really big kid and I became increasingly nervous about his antics. I wasn't sure if he hated me and was planning to hurt me, or liked me. When I reminded Bob of those memories, he laughed really hard and said, "Oh Linda, I had a mad crush on you. I am so sorry I scared you but that was my way of flirting with you." We ended up talking for a long time that night and even stood next to each other for the class photo. Funny how those memories turn out sometime. I truly thought Bob was a bully.

I am grateful to have such great friends from the graduating class of 1981. It was a special evening, full of love, laughter and memories that I'll always cherish. What a great night! I still can't believe it's been thirty years. I don't feel as old as I use to think I'd feel at a thirty year, if that makes sense

© 2011 Linda Rogers

Thirty Year Class Reunion

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© 2011 Linda Rogers


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