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Is it possible to get over there

Updated on January 6, 2013

I asked this question on hubpages a while back, and I got some nice answers so I decided to turn it into a hub here's the question and answers.

Can anyone tell me how to get over there. Because when I go over there I am here and not there.

** I tried putting half of me over there. But as soon as I bring the other half of me over there. I am now here **

** If I am standing here and you go over there, you are here but there because I am the one who is watching you go there. You are only where you are to yourself and no one else. Therefore, I am here, you are there right now. If you come over here, you will be here with me but from where you are now, which is over there, you will be there until you get here. Capiche? **

** I hate to tell you this, but you cannot get there from here. :) **

** I'm getting some popcorn. This should be interesting. I'm over yonder, by the way. :) **

** Consider this; You are never there until you have learned about the here and now, I will end this for evermore (where ever that is). Do you know where that is? I think we should conclude; that is indeed here and (perhaps) now; we will conclude, there you go! **

** I got up this morning looked in the mirror and suddenly realised I was over there. Now I know I was here as well. But the more I looked in the mirror I could see I was actually over there as well. So I finally got there. **

And Finally now we can all go over there when ever we want

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