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Catherine Zeta Jones having Bipolar Disorder treatment

Updated on April 24, 2011


Catherine Zeta Jones having Bipolar Disorder


Just recently, 41 yearr-old actress, Catherine Zeta Jones , have gone to a mental Health Facility to checked and seek treatment for her Bipolar II Disorder after dealing with stress when her husband has diagnosed with Throat Cancer last 2010.

It was surprising to know what she's gone through right now. For those of you who doesn't know, bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that involves mood swings from high ( mania) to low ( depression). Those with Bipolar II tend to experience more depressions, with the mood shiftings spread over a longer time and the "high" periods less elevated. The episodes can be caused by major stress or life changes.

Catherine's husband, Michael Douglas underwent a chemotherapy for stage IV throat cancer last 2010 but said in January that the tumor had gone after six months of intensive treatment. Michael's son Cameron was sentenced to prison last 2010 on drug charges.


Salute to Catherine for seeking the help she believes is needed


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