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Problems Resolve Themselves

Updated on March 21, 2012

Any Problem?

One hubber suggested to me that I should write hubs that deal with every day problems such as how to teach a dog to stop licking the wall. I almost laughed but I saw how serious she was and she even added that this is the kind of hubs that earn money in Hubpages and would trigger lots of comments, appreciations, applause, and followers. She also said that I will not have traffic and followers if I won't write like she suggested. I don't really worry about this; if there are no people to follow me then the angels will, or they will draw people to follow me, and if it is not in Hubpages, who knows where will it be. The point is; I really have no problems in this area.

Be that it may, I am just not the type of writer who can write mundanes just so I can earn and be applauded by the majority. I will just be one and won't really care if I just have one sincere and honest to goodness reader who learns wisdom from my writing and whose life is a bit touched and inspired by my words; in this sense I will be very happy like I hear the hosts of angels in heaven singing.

The bottom line is, I won't compromise myself and my principles in exchange with meager coins I could earn from Hubpages( if I do earn, but I am not earning so I got less worry). I don't collect pebbles, I go for gold nuggets. Do you know how much I earn if someone's heart is touched by my words? I earn the Source of Infinite abundance and can draw my money anytime I need it; not in Hubpages's my secret between me and God, or the Universe, or the Universal Law which says "What you sow is what you reap." Every heart that is touched or inspired by reading my writings is worth a million angels singing and the pay-off in monetary terms is enormous. How about whether I do something or nothing I always have enough money to pay my bills, rent; live in a condominium with maids to attend to my needs and a driver and car to move me around as I wish...and so forth without worrying about money. Impossible? Not for me, I just touch hearts and inspire people and my compensation is paid NATURALLY in great abundance.

I can only write those things that I am truly convince about and I am just sharing some wisdom.

Just appreciate the beauty and abundance in life and problems resolve themselves naturally
Just appreciate the beauty and abundance in life and problems resolve themselves naturally

Writing on Universal Truth rather than Problems

The statement "Problems resolve themselves" always works for me in every area of my life. How to make it work is where the efforts are concentrated. I am not very much on talking about problems or solutions; I consider problems as challenges that are fun to face like another adventure in life. Problems trigger our creative ability in a situation basis to work. The adage, "Necessity is the mother of invention" applies, given a situation.

When real problems come then that is the time for you to draw from your "well of wisdom" or your "cabinet in the mind" what you had stocked there for any contingency any time, any place, and with any one, as the case may be. The only question is; "Do you have enough stock (wisdom, knowledge, confidence, etc.) to counter any situation in your life?"

This is where we concentrate; we have to update our "stocks" so that we will always have plenty of it when the need arises.

Problems vs Creativity

If you live your life according to your natural flow then problems could be prevented. Life supports itself and there is actually nothing to worry; but it is sad to note that 99.99% of people focus more on problems and problem-solving rather than on creating, discovering, inventing and producing. When somebody says "I am a problem-solver" or a "trouble-shooter" and the likes, it only means that he himself is an expert in causing problems into his life.

People create problems in every turn; one problem generates another problem to "solve" the previous. One problem leads to another problem then to another and more and more problems over the years; hence a person lives a lifelong full of problems...such a coping life.

A life of creativity is such that a person lives his life in a moment by moment basis; he is assertive to appreciate what is good and beautiful in everything and everyone around him while accepting and letting everything be without allowing anything "bad and ugly" to bother him. A creative mind eliminates bad thoughts naturally because it can only see the good and the beautiful wherein it capitalizes on using these good things to improve and run his life.


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    • Jynzly profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenny Pugh 

      6 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Eliminate Cancer,

      I am sorry about your dilemma; I can understand the losing the husband part; I had been widow twice and I can understand the grief. Losing the business is similar to my losing my job, I can empathize with you too. Having diagnosed with cancer...really touches me, I lost my Colin with that dreaded C. I can only pray for you. My best friend in Los Angeles, Ms. Mina Mendoza is a cancer survivor, I pray for your survival too.

      Thanks for the visit.

    • Eliminate Cancer profile image

      Eliminate Cancer 

      6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Well - Time heals everything. That's sort of like problems resolving themselves. But as someone who was diagnosed with cancer, lost my business, and lost my husband all within a year, I wouldn't say the problems resolved. I endured. I'm slowly getting on my feet. I hope some day to look back and say all is well with my health, my work, and my relationships - I think I'll get there. Better days are ahead.


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