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lautech ownership

Updated on January 20, 2011

lets count the cost of our seperation


The heart cries of the students f the ladoke akintola university of technology teaching hospital is like the cry of a mother watching a knife go through the neck of her child. As they watch the present government in Oyo state and the school authority slit through the neck of their future. Indeed this is terrible.

It is sometimes magnanimous to see some illiterate leaders take irrational decisions as touching sensitive issues like that of the renowned tertiary institution. How can a dog who has never learnt nor engaged in barking train or instruct other younger dogs in the skills of barking. They are both sincerely deceiving themselves.

As I have often times said concerning the issue of Lautech ownership or osun/ Oyo seperation. The present fight is a disingenuous alacrity and sagacity that is tantamount to a perilous political ostentation. It is lack of understanding that would make one not consider the prons and cons of a particular decision. To be candid, this is not a decision that affects your family alone or your village, it is bounding on a good number of people, almost as the population of a whole nation.

He who lacks wisdom, let him ask is what the bible says, get understanding with all thy getting. He who is wise let him read meticulously with understanding. At the inception of this present lautech teaching hospital with all its high standard, it took the department of nursing virtually 4years to obtain accreditation for their first professional exam out of 3 exams. It took the department of medicine 5years to be licensed for their first professional exam. These departments being basically clinical sciences makes it mandatory for any student to be inducted into the profession to have successfully passed the professional exams otherwise there is no induction and if no induction it means there is no graduation. For how long? For as long as possible.


            Since medicine, nursing and MLS are all clinical courses and are therefore practical oriented, it will be inappropriate to take the students to an uncompleted building

            Accreditation may not be possible till the next 4-5years.

            With this, there will be unnecessary delay in writing professional exams.

            Automatic extra years because students can’t graduate in such conditions.

            Excessive financial cost.

            It should be noted that the students are not interested in the plight of whether one state owns LAUTECH or the other, or whether one party wins or the other loses. We are not interested in such politics and hereby stand against any action to cajole us or to make us appear to play politics or to be a supporter of one or the other.

What we are saying in essence is that, if the hospital in Ogbomoso is accredited today definitely you will see students in the teaching hospital tomorrow.

What we are interested in is our future

In actual fact, it would be a bit waste of time and resources to begin to compare or analyse the present death trap that is been built at the other state which they call teaching hospital. Infact I am short of the right choice of adjective to use. They regard the clinical students as though they are dealing with animals or some low humans who has got no choice than to dance to their tune. I believe most of this politicians are walking about with some sort of unnoticed mental disorder, by classification I think the delusion of grandeur precisely. Shall everyone sit back and watch things continue this way. No, I strongly fulminate against this.

Thanks to a reasonable and patriotic leader, who sees it fit to rescue the life of this young ones from the roaring lion in a legal way. The case still lingers in the high court. With open eyes and ears we wait……



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