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Lawyer Briefcase

Updated on April 8, 2013

Unless you're a lawyer or someone working in the field of law, you probably won't be interested in this information about the typical lawyer briefcase. But of you are, you might want to have a read and maybe even learn something about layer brief cases that you didn't know!

Ok, this may not be everybody's cup of tea in terms of high interest value riveting revelations, but when you're a lawyer and you need to keep important documents together in an easily accessible repository, there is nothing better than a good quality and well made lawyer briefcase.

This Hub Page is therefore dedicated to looking at this valuable item of hand luggage and paper storage file and finding some of the things you should look at when deciding to buy one.

Appearances are Everything

A lawyer briefcase should be functional, stylish and give a professional appearance to the person carrying it. It shouldn't be overly ostentatious but similarly should never appear cheap or looking as if it was picked up at a Bring and Buy sale.

A lawyer should always promote a professional air and this involves appearances more than anything else. When meeting with a potential new client, they will make their opinion of the lawyer in the first 30 seconds. So appearance is everything when it comes to securing their custom.

A well dressed lawyer in an expensive suit and carrying a similarly expensive briefcase sends out the message that he is successful. Clients want a successful lawyer, not one who looks like he could be panhandling for his next meal!

What to Look For in a Lawyer Briefcase

There are several points that you may want to bear in mind should you be about to purchase a briefcase for a lawyer.Here are some of those points that may seem more like common sense, which they are, but you'd be surprised at how many people miss the obvious!

  • As outward appearance and style is crucial for a lawyer's success, their briefcase should be smart looking while still remaining highly functional.
  • The brief case housing needs to be strong and secure enough to protect important legal documents from being stolen or covertly browsed through by those who should not be looking at them
  • Similarly, brief case locks should be of the best quality and proof against tampering
  • A good lawyer briefcase will naturally be capable of protecting those documents from the weather
  • The briefcase should comprise several compartments for keeping batches of legal documents and papers separate from each other while neatly filed for easy retrieval
  • If you are on the move a lot, it helps if the briefcase has a shoulder strap for convenience
  • If you also need to carry a laptop computer, consider a hard shelled briefcase to provide extra protection. If its just paperwork you are carrying, then a soft shelled briefcase is preferable
  • As far as style is concerned, its always a good idea to have a lawyers briefcase that matches the colour of his suit!

That last point is really only for visual style purposes, but you'd be surprised at how many lawyers wear a black suit and carry a brown briefcase! They do not go together half as well as a black suit and a black leather lawyer briefcase, especially if you are conscious of your appearance and want to make the best impression of professionalism.

The bottom line is that an expensive looking, professional looking briefcase that matches the attire and projected character of the lawyer will go a long way to securing clients who will place their trust in them because they appear successful.


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