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"Why am I here?"

Updated on February 3, 2012

Reason for Being

I would try to use the fact that because I am sure that I am not literally the first man in human existence, that has been equipped with the blueprinted or genetic information as to the purpose of me.

being here. I am also sure, that every living person who already aware of their existence in conjunction with others that are also alive, older and younger, would some time or another, have also asked themselves this same question.

It is because of this curiosity, if you may, I have for sometime now set out on this one man crusade, a journey of sorts, in search of some logical or simply rational reason

for “MY” existence .

I encased and capitalized my, because it is from others that we learn those first ideas, and if not satisfactory enough, it is expected that given sometime after, a new direction is usually sought. It’s a special feeling of conviction that each person has to “Feel” and “process”

In these times they are much more difficult, because of the varying choices, which are almost tailored to suit everyone’s fancy.

In most situations, in these modern times, as many like to refer to these present times as.

Because of it’s emancipation from the normal traditional customs, chains if I may to cultural restrictions and customs.

It’s for these reasons kids are allowed to experiment with their lives, nothing to

follow, not even the way of the parent, because they don’t have one.

In many situations their Unsupervised, trials are the very first their parents

have heard of certain things ,

leaving the kid to seek out its requirements for others. Nothing to do with

guidance and training.

Because of this blistering pace of the society in which they live, their parents

are too busy finding the means of compensating for these alien modern

day adaptations, than being full time parents, making those choices for their children.

These are the areas, where the playground is already saturated and contaminated,

it’s not a fair playground. Many cases it not usually carefully checked out by

the parents , because what’s predominant on their mind, is some sort of handle

attached to the names of their children. Doctor, Lawyer, dentist, that’s all well

and great, but is real at this time? It takes so much more than money. Don’t for

one second misunderstand me; I have nothing against parents dreams and

methods taken, but the early broken heart of a child and the dreams of the

parent must have all

to do with reality. When that premature urge for success is misunderstood and miscalculated, this becomes that blinding mechanism to the parents and the proper supervision of that child goes out the door. Like saying!

“Just become something and everything else is yours, you can do anything you want!”

Of that which I have learned from others since my days as a kid, and those others would be primarily the teachings of my parents. My father, before he died, and even now,

a long time after he has died, he was proud.

And now from that seemingly unwavering strength and beauty that is my Mother.

Blessings to the Most High God, for still having her around, and for allowing me to be

one of those luckier sons, born to be the recipient of such mastery in parenting.

Those standout qualities that were practiced tirelessly, and were exercised to a

flawless outcome, by this extraordinary woman.

“Love you my dear Mother”

As I listen to her words today on the phone for about one and a half hour, at Ninety One.

I can still recognize the pride and strength of a priceless job, done to perfection.

Kids should require the very best from their parents and parents should always be sitting poised and ready to execute as the need arises, which simply works out to be every day of a child’s life. until the desired goal is reached. This is the reason that I know those lessons, from my parents

are still alive and very strong today, as manifested by my life.

This journey that I have since set out on, I knew that I can not simply, sit back expecting it all

to come to me. Being dependant on my parents worked to perfection for me during that time.

I saw it as being the appropriate thing to do, holding on until maturity and drive, gets the better of me. It happens in every great child’s life; yes you will know when you are a great child. Because your parents would have already taught you something to the tune of:

To thyne own self be true.

That curiosity got the better of me each and every time something exciting to me was going on.

I would never stop myself from dreaming during and after the excitement.

If the excitement came while looking at a game of Cricket. Then that’s from where

I will be dreaming.

The sport of Cricket is played all over the world, so here is your time to find out what it is.

For the duration of any excitement am involved in, even when I was fighting as a

youngster, my father required , my story to be one where I gave my best.

I could easily envision myself as a great Cricketer in the future. A great soccer player, a great runner or a great Lawyer, as so many of my family was involved.

That went on throughout everything that excited me while growing up, and even beyond

but those were only to be,the tip of the iceberg.

There will be a collision, between two of the most powerful forces known to mankind,

They usually always do and that is the power Good and Evil.

It is for these exact reasons I have long desired that I will work with the young ones, in the future. In a self motivated effort, requiring nothing but the experience I gathered through my own life efforts, and I decided that the very best way to do so was through writing.

There I will be void of any outside interference, though I must have an ulterior plan in place

in the event I got interfered with. I did:

That I will use the energy from any interference as fuel to push on.

These are the stages in life that kids must seek while being undistracted,

these are the stages parents need to keep protected, for their children.

A focused childhood.

Kids are born stars, they just don’t remain that way because of……… fill the blank.

Well that was then, and this is now. I can see so much clearer, that for me, it will take nothing less than death, to dampen my unwavering plans, because they are “Mine” created by me ,

and formulated in such a way that I have made it my own “Sin” if it’s not seen thought

to the absolute furthest my abilities allows me to take it.

It’s a labor of Love and admiration of my parents seen only in my own self

While at the same time, making my sincere and honest contribution to this life.

It requires nothing but me!

Presently at my overly matured stage, I am able to see much clearer,

because the rain of life has forever ceased, won’t ever be falling on my parade, because there is no doubt that I have found it.

“Why I am here!”

Your mother’s breast was abruptly taken away from you, if you ever had it

and suddenly you are on your own , so what say you?

There is lot of sings in life, some that you truly may not like, and as that song writer said,

you could be living this minute and the next you simply gone away.

For good!

Hope you too, find yours quickly.

Blessings to all parents and Give Thanks!


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thank you very much tillisontitan. I feel greatly honored and greatly encouraged by your comments.

      I am sure from where I speak at this time , I too had the courage some time in the past, to read into some of your work, and with the New York connection I was more pressed to read on . I know a thing about NY.

      Curiosity had the better of me at the start but I was quickly drawn to the style and that NY flair I would say, in your writing.

      So I quietly followed no harm and the rest was quiet history until now .lol. Thanks again for your encouraging words.They are.

      Nothing happens before its time.

      Give thanks and Bless.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 6 years ago from New York

      The search of Everyman, to find the why in his existence! Nicely done. Your Mother (and Father) must be very do them well.

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Beautifully put bolt , your comments are overly welcome here because when I read I "Feel" that humble spirit from deep in you . Don't ask me how but I do.

      What you just said confirms everything about the question that I ask: Why am I here ?

      I believe that every single human being that have grown to reach an accountable age , have received that question. It is one quite a few many people try hard to run from. hear this :

      A man is actually every man acted out in himself , this is the way you choose to represent you! We all have but one try at everything we encounter in life .

      One time to be a Father

      One time top be a mother

      one time to be the very best we can be.


      Bless and sincere thanks bolt.

    • profile image

      bolt1951 6 years ago


      I read this as you wrote it with a fine tooth comb like Mr. Frank Atanacio said, and truth be said of our existance here is non answerable. For I believe that in order to live one must die, I am a strong believer that it is the beginning of of existance that is the way to the truth, and all our answers. For we are encased in these bodies surrounded by questions with no real answers or better yet many answers, and it's a matter of choice one makes this or that. Which ever you choose might or might not turn out to be correct, it's a gamble sort of speak. That is why sometimes you see families that are structured, have everything they need, give their children everything their heart desires, and they turn out to become drug addicts, alcoholics, thiefs, murderers, you name it. then you find people that come from the worst of the worst, as a matter fact I had a cousin like that, from the outside her apartment was a wreck, her kids were always dirty. not well attended, raised in the worst part of The Bronx, and don't you know that every single one of those kids turned out to be completely the opposite. They all went to school finished got carreers, And are all gorwn now and are the most beautiful people you could run into. What I find most incredible is the odds of that they were four and all four turned out to be what nost people wish their kids would be. So you see life sometimes just throws you a curve.

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks so much for reading ALUR, and thanks for that very strong comment I feel the strength.

      Congratulations on your book, mine is in it's final stages before publication also.

      I will definitely check your hubs am looking forward.

      Blessing and continued success...

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks Frank . Not meant for it to be draining but I missed going into the depths of my mind to look for something since the computer was giving trouble, so I got mad and when I do , here the results.

      Thanks Frank Not only are you a person of great timing , you are a brethren and we both know why.

      Blessings and sincere Thanks.

    • ALUR profile image

      ALUR 6 years ago from USA

      Brilliant expression of angst, turmoil and questioning. It speaks volumes of my own writing as well.

      Check out my hubs. I've also released a book called Taboo Nation to discuss such things and make people think deeper. It's on

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      Sky, in this Hub you've answered, you've delievered, fed and expressed.. so why am I hear... many reasons and your hub ran through it with a fine tooth comb.. impreessive.. oh that picture of the baby in the palm of the hand was emotionally draining