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How To Scuttle Your But

Updated on July 17, 2010
Speaking Of Buts
Speaking Of Buts

Is Your But In Your Way?

The word scuttlebutt is defined in any given dictionary as rumors, stories and gossip not based in fact, and as such is a scourge in our society that deserves to be tossed overboard. Breaking scuttlebutt into two words results in scuttle and butt with the word scuttle meaning to  scamper, scurry.  Dropping one 't' from the word butt results in scuttle being an apt verb to use when getting one’s but out of the way. However, I will be using the definition of the word scuttle as it applies to abandoning or withdrawing from; destroying something or bringing it to an end.

It Is The Small Things
It Is The Small Things
That Can Make A Big Difference
That Can Make A Big Difference

A Well Defined 'But'

Although but is a small word it's unexamined usage can result in a lot of annoying, frustrating and sometimes down right painful stops in your life.  Often small things can make a big difference and the scuttling of the word but can bring about big changes.  To start with, for a small word, teeny in fact, it has an impressive number of definitions. You may think that you know what the word ‘but’ means but I encourage you to take a closer look. You will want to play close attention because these definitions are very important if you are ever going to get your but handled.


indicating an exception, aside from, barring, besides, excluding, not counting, omitting, outside of, restricting, ruling out, minus, with the exception of, save for, disregarding, passing over, not including, without, although, however, nevertheless, on the other hand, still, though and last but not least, yet.

But Is A Scapegoat
But Is A Scapegoat

Butting Your Head On Your But

Now I am going to share with you why butting ought to be left to goats. Not scapegoats, scapegoats are very necessary to the survival of buts, I mean four legged, laundry off the line eating, getting into your garden, hill climbing, milk producing kind of goats. Just so we are clear I am talking about the kind of butting that way too many of us all too often engage in. It is not the butting in kind of butting and it is not the butting out kind of butting. It is the kind of butting that we do when we there is something we need or want but.........

But Which Way Is Up?
But Which Way Is Up?

Checking Out Buts

It is amazing what a difference one little letter can make to the meaning of a word. I remember some years ago listening to the actor, Will Smith, in an interview wherein he was relating to the TV host that he almost went broke after his initial rise to fame. He said that he had been very careless with his money and that one day his dad set him down and had a serious talk with him. His father asked him how many cars Will had and responded to Will’s answer with “What do you want all those cars for, you’ve only got one butt? We all have one butt of the double ‘t’ variety. Well, most of us do, the draftsmen attached to the engineering department I worked in through my late teens and early twenties used to say that I didn’t have a butt, just the tops of my legs. I may not have had a big butt but that didn’t mean I didn’t have a lot of “junk in my trunk” in the form of buts. I had all kinds of buts, big buts, little buts, in between buts; I had a plethora of buts. At some point in my life I decided that I really had to take a close look at butting out.

Excuse Me But....
Excuse Me But....

Grabbing Your Buts

There are the excuse me buts and when one starts to run out of excuses me buts one tends to start grabbing for their butt, butt. We’ve all been eye to eye with a determined salesperson who handles every single but we throw down in their dogged attempts to make a sale. They are masters at handling objections and excuses. When you start running out of buts with a salesman and you really don’t need or want what they are selling the only sensible course of action is to get your butt out of there, it is about the only but they won’t try to take control of.

The sad truth of the matter is that your own but may well be the small thing that is holding you back standing in the way of your living a bigger and better life. A but, or two or maybe more can be the very thing that is standing in the way of your ability to be, do and have what you need and want to be, do and have. Worse still, you use your but to deter another or others from being all they can be and doing all they can do and having all they can have. I would stop here but I’m not quite finished. I do hope you are still with me. I have a bit more to say because I think it vital that you look at how you are using your buts.

If you don’t think you have a ‘but’, I must say those draftsmen almost had me convinced that I didn’t so I find it quite understandable that you may have your head up yours but….I think I can fix that! By the time you are through looking you may well find that you are laughing your but off. If you can laugh several buts off that would be wonderful indeed because they are sabotaging you anyway – useless buts! Some of us don’t know our but from a hole in the ground however it is very important that you are able to differentiate.

Buts Can Cause Upsets
Buts Can Cause Upsets

Falling On Your But

Now is where those definitions I laid out come into play. When you need or want something, when you have a dream or a goal you want to get closer to it rather than farther away. You want to make progress not backslide and you want to succeed rather than fail. A misplaced small but deadly misplaced but can set you up for a big loss. It has the potential in fact to cause you a great deal of pain and discomfort. Most of us have, at least once in our journey through life, placed our butt upon something or somewhere that just wasn’t made to be set upon. When that happens, we generally get off our butts rather quickly. The other buts, on the other hand, can hang around for years and years and we barely if ever even notice that they are ill placed.

You would like to have more money, but._________; a fulfilling relationship, but________; more time, but________ and on it goes.  The point is that you want to get closer to something or someone and ‘but’ in fact is taking you farther and farther away from the object of your desire. It omits it, excludes it, restricts it, rules it out, passes over it, does not include it, and you end up going without it or making do with some proximity to it. If you envision a new red car and instead you end up with a rust bucket.  You have only managed to manifest a proximity to a red car. You are left to comfort yourself with the fact that rust is at least a shade of red.

Shiver Me Timbers It's Time To Scuttle Your 'Buts'

But Log

How Big Be Yer But?

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Do You Tangle With Buts?
Do You Tangle With Buts?

How To Untangle Your Buts

How do I scuttle my but, you ask. The answer to that is quite simple and it is quite simple because it is the truth of the matter, the simple truth. First you must fully understand the definitions of both the word scuttle and the word but. Then you must hold a vision of what it is that you really, really need or want. There is no more effective way of bring ‘buts’ out of the woodwork than a vision because your vision is the software for your mind. Put your vision there and the ‘buts’ will scurry out like rats from wherever it is that they have been hiding. You must stay very still because just like the rats that they are ‘buts’ will scuttle off at the slightest sound or motion. Just observe them and then write them down as they appear. The next step is to look at the consequences of having each ‘but’. What have been or could be the consequences of _________________. This may well result in you laughing your ‘but’ off. The more ‘buts’ you laugh off the better off you will be. Once you have viewed all the consequences of a particular ‘but’ then get the positive opposite and look at, “What should or could be the consequences of _______________.

You may have to work your ‘but’ off for a while only because all those ‘buts’ did not get there overnight and some of them have been clinging on for quite some time. You have a lot of time and energy and life force tied up in those ‘buts’ so it will take some time to reclaim it. You could think that it would just be much easier to go about your day chanting positive affirmations and I would recommend that BUT you will just throwing wallpaper up to cover your butt, the crap is still there, lurking, underneath the surface. Our minds work like computers; they have been programmed over the course of our life time. In some cases we have done our own programming and sometimes it has been programmed by others; parents, teachers, peers, the media, etc. If your mind, your computer’s hard drive is full of ‘buts’ you have no space for positive affirmations. If your mind, your hard drive is 80% full of ‘buts’ the positive affirmation will again fail you because you are running on too many old programs and have too many ‘buts’ negating your being, doing and having. If you find yourself barring yourself from proceeding, it’s just another but coming to show itself. Handle it and keep going until the balance is tipped in your favor as you have practice the fine art of ‘but’ reduction.

But Consciousness

Speaking from my own experience I am much less concerned at the thought of being a ‘but’ less wonder than I was in my teens. Keep in mind as you go that there is nothing the matter with a few well placed ‘buts’, they can come in handy when you make a conscious decision to slow things down for a legitimate reason. If you truly want to restrict the amount of something or not include certain people or experiences in your life there is nothing wrong with a well placed ‘but’. And we all experience times when the far better thing to do would be to ‘but out’. It is okay to keep a ‘but’ or two about, after all the word but does “indicate an exception”. The really neat thing about handling your “buts” is that the end product is that you can butt up to that which you wish to be close to, and, but away from that which you wish to distance yourself from.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! If you have read this far you didn't let your 'but' get in the way - as in I would have read it all but it was too long!


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    • ethel smith profile image

      Ethel Smith 

      10 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      By the time most of us realise all of this it is almost too late. Then again it is never too late.It is right to be cautious sometime but that BUT can sure hold you back

    • raisingme profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      Believe me at 104 lbs. soaking wet, I UNDERSTAND!

    • samboiam profile image


      10 years ago from Texas

      I can not scuttle my butt. Because I have a disease called noassatall.

    • raisingme profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      What can I say but You're Welcome.

    • Ryan Clinton profile image

      Ryan Clinton 

      10 years ago from

      I must admit I looked because of the title - wanted to know how to skuttle a butt. Thanks

    • raisingme profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      I am glad that you enjoy and are finding some inspiration in my writings. And that you are finding a laugh or two along the way. As for life changes, resistance is futile so one might as well make conscious decisions and choices along the way. AND HAVE SOME FUN DOING IT!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I enjoy many of your stories , some funny, some useful and very practical.

      keep on writing, you are inspiring us to look at our life and make changes, and you even include the how to.

      you have my admiration no if or but.

    • raisingme profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      I'd say you are seems to me from reading your hubs and the comments that you have made on mine that you have dealt and are dealing quite nicely with the "junk in your trunk" Me I'm still working on a spray for persistent salespeople - I bet I could sell lots of it. However a course in teaching people how to say No may also be of value - are you teaching one???? I'm in if you are!

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      10 years ago from TEXAS

      I happen to be a proponent of but avoidance, though I'm sure I slip up from time to time. I'm especailly aware of using it in talking to others. I suppose nothing in the world turns off many folks (young ones, especially) faster than saying "You could do that, but. . . " They've been conditioned to equate it with "maybe"="no" and "I can't promise you, but maybe." even more! It really is a subcounscous block to further discussion or consideration - except, as you say, when talking to a salesperson trained in the fine art of overcoming objections, which usually are prefaced with "but". I find in those cases it works best to go for the jugular and just say NO. If he/she is foolish enough to try to overcome that, pity him/her. My NO sticks like velcro augmented with superglue and I have nothing but contempt for anyone silly enough to think I'd buy anything from 'em once they begin to try to negotiate it.

      So - I'm rating this up, useful, funny and awesome. And I'm recommending it on De Greek's latest hub asking for recommendations of good reading hubs! It's masterful!! Thank you!!


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