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Alma mater Meet at St Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli

Updated on November 9, 2012

Arrupe Library

Thirty students of 2005-07 batch of the Mathematics Department of St Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli (167 years old Premier Institute) came together to celebrate the Five Year jubilee of their graduation on 14th January, 2012. Out of 46 of their classmates, 30 students attended the gala get-together. They started to arrive from the early morning 7:30 am onwards. Four of them turned with their spouses and two with kids. There was a lot of noise, calling the entrant with his/her nick name. The reunion was really a walk down the memory lane for these former classmates.

Former Students in their Classroom

To mark the occasion, a souvenir in the form of a shield was distributed to each classmate. They announced their latest positions in life with pride. Almost all of them are employed as teachers and lecturers. They recalled Professors by their name and revealed the learning process achieved in the classroom. Most of them thanked their teachers and the college management for their two years stay in the campus.

A class of Teachers

Talking about their campus, one alumni mentioned that the college has added a new library – the Arrupe Library to its landscape. There are newer buildings housing the young MBA department. They got excited when they learned a new computer lab exclusively for Maths Department. “Lawley Hall is a special place for all of us”, said one of the students. Another student recalled their class tests conducted there to score CIA marks.

Class with their Teacher

Dr S Gnabhragasam, former Head of the department, met the students and expressed his sentiments. Former students greeted him and shared their joyful moments. Professor invited the students to visit the college regularly in future.

Dr S Ruban Raj, Head of the department, welcomed the students and accepted their greetings. Professor explained the good practices introduced in the department and new subjects taught to the present students. Their whereabouts and other data were collected and he promised to contact each one of them in future.

New Admission?

The celebration came to an end at 4 pm. Arrangements were made under the leadership of Ms. S Josephin Immaculate (D. No. 05PMA101) and Ms J Amalorpava Jerlin. Student friends found it very difficult to leave the college and their classmates.


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