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Thor: the Thunder God & Tyr of Justice

Updated on May 21, 2015

The Roar that Shakes the world

Good morning everyone, is it Thursday, Or in other words, Thor's day! Yes the day was named for for the strongest god of the Aesir.

Thor 'Odinson' son of Odin the AllFather and Jord (Njord's sister). Thor is the thundergod of Norse mythology who protects our realm (Midgard) from the frost giants every year. Thor is also one of the gods of war and is best known as the god of thunder. He is the strongest of the gods their 'Champion' if you will he is also the 'hardest' in battle with his hammer Mjolnr, his iron gloves and strength belt. Unlike his half brother Loki, Thor is not evil though he has a very bad temper if pushed to far, then you will see fire in his eyes

Take some time today to thank him for the protection he gives us, if you are of Norse and germanic faith.

Thor's wife is Sif

Thor has 3 children: Thurd (a daughter) Magni & Mani


Sacred Plant: Rowan

Common meaning = Friend

offerings= Meat & Bread

Pray to the gods, they are a lot closer than you think. :)

Weapon=his hammer mjolnr (which has also been depicted as a double bladed axe)

This is used to bless or consecrate births, & marriges deaths & cremations, & hollow sacred places. The hammer Mjolnr was considered as protection against evil. Men & Women both wore hammers as amulets. Fighting men worshipped Thor (as Greek Warriors worshipped Ares the god of war) as the strongest god & Tyr for magical influence in battle.

Thor's hammer hollows a sacred place and Mjolnr is also a symbol of protection as Thor holds chaos at bay for the common men of midgard .


Thor's Helmet

Thor's Helmet Nebula
Thor's Helmet Nebula

Mjolnr The hammer of Thor - & Hammer of the gods

I've Got 2 of the Marvel Pewter keyrings and a few of the pendants for necklaces.One of them (the one that says real bronze)my friend from sweden sent me. (now if only I can get something right from Norway or Faroe Islands.) I would love to get myself the toggle bracelet, the Celtic Rhinestone hamer pendant and a set of earrings.

I put this collection together as there were so many nice variations from simple to the intricate that I could not decide on adding just a few, then I started coming across earrings & rings as well while looking for pendants. So hope you find something you might like

Oh so THAT's who did it?!

'Nuff said'
'Nuff said'


The God of Justice

The God of Victory & combat (war), Law Justice and Sky. Tyr defeated Fenrir the great wolf but not without the loss of his arm. Tuesday was named for the the one armed god. Depending on which of the Eddas (The Prose or Poetic) you read Odin or Hymir is his father. Logically I'd say it would be Odin as he is also a God of War.

One of the Norse Myths say that the Gods had to bind Fenrir the great monsterous wolf and son of Loki (just one of his 'little monsters'). No chains would bind him, then the gods went to the Dwarves who made Gleipnir, a ribbon that was made of "a cat's footfall, roots of a mountain, bear's sinews, bird spittle fish breath and the beard of a woman. Fenrir did not trust the gods and unless one of them put their hand in his maw, he'd refuse to be bound.

Tyr he of courage and wisdom agreed and put his arm in the wolf's mouth. The rest of the gods tied of the wolf and finding itself ensnared; he bit of Tyr's arm


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