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What Are Dreams? A Scientific Explanation

Updated on December 24, 2014

Dream Definition

Dreams are images produced by the unconscious mind in order to send you secret messages. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams possesses undoubtable wisdom.

All dreams work like psychotherapy because you have inherited absurdity into the biggest part of your brain.

The secret unconscious messages help you preserve your mental stability.

The unconscious messages are secret because your anti-conscience must not learn their content. These messages are sent only to your human conscience.

Your anti-conscience is your wild conscience, which is violent because it remains in a primitive condition. All dreams basically help your human conscience control your mind and behavior instead of being controlled by your absurd anti-conscience.

Carl Jung discovered the real meaning of the symbolic dream language. I simplified his complicated method for you after precisely following his steps, and after continuing his research.

Your dreams give you objective information about all matters.

Predictions and warnings protect you from all dangers, showing you how to avoid what is bad.

You also learn how to develop your sensitivity and intelligence.

Your dreams help you use all of your brain power and truly evolve.


A Big Advantage

Carl Jung discovered the real meaning of the dream language and the unconscious psychotherapy in dream messages.

I continued his research discovering how to prevent and how to effectively cure a mental illness through dream therapy by obeying the unconscious mind.

Jung was afraid to completely trust the unconscious mind because he stopped his research at certain point.

He didn't have a clear vision of the content of the human brain and psyche.

I continued his research, discovering the anti-conscience that he couldn't see.

I was also able to discern the unconscious sanctity, which Jung couldn't perceive.

The fact that I could continue his research and clarify all the obscure points in his work give you an advantage that your ancestors couldn't have.

Now you know that there is only one right method of dream interpretation, which only a genius like Carl Jung could discover, after making a serious and arduous research.

Now you know that you can absolutely trust the unconscious guidance in your dreams with confidence.

My discoveries give explanations to all mysteries.

My simplifications help you easily learn the dream language and easily acquire sound mental health that lasts forever.

Now you can reap all the benefits given to you by the accurate translation of the dream messages without wasting your time with comparisons and studies.

Now you simply exchange dream images with words that you can understand, immediately understanding the meaning of all dreams, and immediately understanding the precious unconscious messages.


Do All Dreams Have Meaning?

All dreams have an important meaning.

All dreams contain precious messages sent by the unconscious mind in a symbolic form.

Those who declare that dreams have no meaning didn't study the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation.

Their opinion is based on their suppositions.

Only because there are different types of dreams, we can understand that the existence of a meaning in dreams must be obvious:

* Nightmares

* Recurring Dreams

* Dreams About Love

* Dreams About Dead People

* Dreams About the Past

* Dreams that Reflect your Evolution

If dreams had no meaning we wouldn't observe the same characteristics in various types of dreams. The existence of an organization in the presentation of the dream images according to specific rules proves that dreams have a specific meaning, which doesn't depend on the opinion of the dream interpreter or on the opinion of the dreamer.

The dream language is the same for all dreamers and must be translated based on the meaning of the dream symbols, which is based on the unconscious logic.

In order to translate the meaning of a dream according to the scientific method you have to read the dream, and then read the dreamer's life biography.

Then, you have to identify the most important dream symbols contained in the dream.

The dream symbols define the basic meaning of the dream.

After finding the meaning of the dream symbols you should find the meaning of the other components of the dream based on the dream logic, while relating this information to the dreamer's life biography.

For example,

Anne dreamt that:

She was at the beach when she saw a big ship arriving. She wanted to drink water, but she couldn't find the water bottle in her beach bag.

Then, she woke up.

Anne is a young woman.

She met an interesting man at work, and she believes that she is in love with him.

Now, let's find the important dream symbols of the dream and translate their meaning.

The beach - The beach indicates danger because the sea in dreams represents craziness.

The ship - The ship represents a long research for a certain period of time.

Absence of water (she couldn't find the water bottle) - The absence of water indicates that the dreamer stopped being superficial. She understood something very important in her life.

The beach bag - The beach bag represents the dreamer's past and her old ideas.

Dream Translation:

Anne dreamt that she was at the beach

Anne represents her ego in dreams. Her ego is in a dangerous situation because she is near craziness (the sea)

When she saw a big ship arriving.

She must make a long research in order to learn more about her psychological reality and in order to learn more about the man she met.

She wanted to drink water,

She wanted to have a superficial attitude.

But she couldn't find the water bottle in her bag.

However, she couldn't be superficial like she used to be in her past. She understood that she was having a special experience. This means that Anne seriously understood that she was in love with the man she met at work.

Putting everything together: Anne is in a dangerous position because she is in love, what means that she can easily lose her mind.

She has to pass through a long process of transformation and studies.

She understood that she cannot be superficial like she used to be when she was younger. This is why she is translating the meaning of her dreams.

The unconscious mind will give her objective and trustful information about the man she loves in her dreams.

Now we have to understand Anne's past so that we may understand why there was absence of water in her past. In other words, we have to understand why her past made her understand something very important now. The absence of water is a positive dream symbol. It represents maturity.

Let's analyze Anne's past:

She had three love relationships in her life, but she never really fell in love with any boyfriend.

Her relationships were superficial.

Anne understood that what she feels for the man she met at work is a special feeling.

She had a mature attitude because she compared what she used to feel for each one of her old boyfriends with what she was feeling for the man she suddenly met.

This comprehension helped her understand that this man is very important. He is not just anyone.

This is why she saw the absence of water.

Anne understood that the man she met was totally different from her old boyfriends, and that her feelings for him were totally different from what she used to feel for a partner when she had a love relationship in the past.

I Can Translate Your Dreams for You

Instant Translation from Images into Words

Submit Your Dreams For Instant Professional Dream Translation

You can be immediately relieved from depression by translating the meaning of a single dream through dream interpretation according to the scientific method. You will also learn how to positively transform your personality and develop your intelligence.

If you have no time to study and learn how to immediately translate the meaning of your dreams by yourself, I can translate your dreams for you. Later you'll study dream translation and learn it because it is not difficult after you learn my simplification.

Many people send me their dreams for translation everyday to find immediate help and support in the dream messages.

You'll easily understand what is happening to you and what you have to do thanks to the unconscious guidance in your own dreams.

Later you will study the meaning of dreams with enthusiasm. After my professional translations you will have proof that the meaning of your dreams is very important and really works like free psychotherapy.

Professional Dream Translation

Find more details about the scientific method of dream interpretation and the fast treatment through dream therapy at

Online Therapy - Finding a Dream Translator.

Christina Sponias

What are dreams?
What are dreams?

The scientific dream translations don't let you doubt that they are real because these translations reflect the wise unconscious words.

The information you have is always related to your mental stability and to the issues you are facing in your daily life. You verify that the information given to you can be trusted and works like psychotherapy.

This information fits with your psychological condition and with your reality. You understand that the unconscious mind is showing you the truth. Therefore, you understand that you can trust the information you have.

The unconscious mind is your natural doctor and protector. The safety given to you thanks to the saintly nature of your natural doctor (the unconscious mind) gives you a guarantee that you could never have.

The unconscious mind eliminates your wild nature. You understand how to transform your personality.

The unconscious psychotherapy is based on wisdom and real goodness. This is the best guarantee you could have that the unconscious mind saves your sanity.

Only wisdom and goodness can give you permanent mental health, and help you find happiness in life.

The most convincing guarantee that you can really trust the meaning of dreams is given to you by the divine origin of the unconscious mind.

All dreams have a specific purpose because they help you transform your personality and evolve.

Your dreams are not produced by your imagination; they are not images generated by chance.

Dreams are well-organized images based on the unconscious logic. Each dream image has an important symbolic meaning.

The fact that the meaning of dreams was distorted by so many impostors for so many years makes the world disregard their importance. However, Carl Jung's discoveries and my discoveries after continuing his research have already proved to the world that we can absolutely trust the information we have in dream messages.

A Real Dialgue with God and The Trip to the Self

The knowledge of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams proves that it comes from a superior brain. You will be able to understand the superiority of this knowledge, and the power of goodness.

Your dreams reflect your life. Thanks to the information you have in dream messages you have the power to change your reality and triumph, even when everything is very difficult for you. Many people have found special solutions to problems they couldn't imagine that someday they would be able to solve.

The unconscious mind helps all dreamers become more intelligent, and discover many things they ignored.

The divine guidance in your dreams gives you advantages that surpass the human level.

All your dreams reflect the fight between the two sides of your conscience. God is always trying to help your human side win this battle. Therefore, your opinion about something is influenced by numerous factors.

You don't really know who you are because you ignore the wild content you have inherited into your anti-conscience and how much it influences your behavior. You will learn who you really are when you will pass through a process of psychotherapy by translating the meaning of your dreams.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is the best doctor you could ever find. Therefore, dream interpretation is an independent science.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is everything you need in order to find sound mental health and happiness.

Human doctors cannot give you any guarantee. They don't know what is really happening in your brain.

Only the divine unconscious mind has an internal vision of the functioning of your brain and gives you real information about your mental condition.

The unconscious mind also knows everything about everyone around you, and how the future will be unfolded. You have trustful information about crucial matters in your own dreams.

Everything that the unconscious mind shows you in your dreams helps you preserve your mental stability and triumph over life's challenges.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method also works like alternative medicine. You can acquire physical health when you acquire sound mental health.

A Simple Question


How important are your dreams for you?

See results

Your dreams are images that give you objective and real information about your mental condition and about the mental condition of those who are around you.

They help you positively transform your personality and successfully solve all problems.

* Your dreams protect you from all dangers, guaranteeing your peace of mind and happiness.

* Your dreams help you increase your intelligence, improve your memory, and become a true genius.

* Your dreams also help you completely develop your sensitivity.

* By following dream therapy you become a wise human being.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at:

Click Here to download a Free Sample of the eBook Dream Interpretation as a Science (86 pages!).


A Powerful Tool

The fact that you can understand God's words in your dreams means that dream therapy is a lot more than just a natural healing method.

Dream therapy is a powerful tool that helps you in all ways.

The unconscious mind is alive and answers all your questions in dreams.

The fact that I managed to simplify Carl Jung's complicated method of dream interpretation means that now you can understand the dream language and have a direct communication with God.

This is a tremendous advantage that will make you become very religious, even if today you are an atheist.

You'll be grateful for having the chance to have a conversation with God and understand how to successfully solve all problems. You will also understand why your past had the characteristics it had, how your future will be, what you have to do in order to achieve your goals, and a lot more.

The accurate translation of the meaning of dreams is a powerful tool that will put an end to the human ignorance and to the human suffering.

You are very lucky because you are learning this truth today. The fact that your dreams are produced by God like various ancient civilizations believed, and the fact that today you have scientific explanations for this mystery represent the end of your suffering.

You'll verify that the unconscious mind knows everything about you and your life.

The unconscious mind is your doctor and your spiritual guide. You'll feel protected and safe.

You'll also have dreams about the church and about meeting God after following dream therapy for a certain period of time. All dreamers pass from this point after regularly translating the meaning of their dreams.

At this point you'll realize that your dreams lead you to another dimension of your reality. Your dreams are a bridge that unites you with God. This alternative has a tremendous religious importance, besides having an important scientific importance, since the unconscious mind works like a doctor.

You will understand the meaning of your spiritual reality, and the real importance of goodness.

Your evolution will surpass all limits.

Your existence will give relief and satisfaction to everyone around you.


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