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Just what is the Vernal Equinox

Updated on August 30, 2017
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Linda is an amateur artist and photographer who loves to travel with her husband of 37 years.

Have you heard of the Vernal Equinox before?

Many times we hear people talking about things and think because we are familiar with the words that we actually know what it is.

But then someone comes along with a child's innocence and asks, "What does that mean, the Vernal Equinox Dad?" or

"Mommy, what is the Vernal Equinox?" "What does that mean, the Vernal Equinox?"

So you try to explain what exactly it is and you find that you really don't know positively yourself how to explain it, or what it truly is.

Just what is the Vernal Equinox?

You have come to the right place. By the time you leave this web-page you should be able explain to anyone what the Vernal Equinox is and why it is important to us.


What is the Vernal Equinox

The Vernal Equinox is:

The Vernal Equinox is the beginning of Spring. You see our four seasons are created by the heavens above. It s not decided by a groundhog at all. It is honestly the sun and the moon and their alignment with the earth that we base our four seasons on.

There is the Vernal Equinox, which is the beginning of Spring. Which occurs when the Sun is aligned exactly with the axis of the Earth's Equator. Sunrise and sunset are supposed to be exactly 12 hours apart. Some will call this event the Sun being at Zenith, which is the highest point in the sky opposite the earth's equator and gravitational pull. Which would be when the Sun is at the highest point in the sky above your head.

So if you look at my drawing above. (One should note it is not to scale or exact) It shows how the earth's equator will extend outward into space (virtually) and during the Vernal Equinox for the northern hemisphere the earth moves into the spot while orbiting the sun that puts the sun in the exact place of that "Celestial Equator" in space. So the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky. (from our point of view) it is the Vernal Equinox. At the same time the people on the complete other side of earth are experiencing their first day of Autumn.

There is also:

The Summer Solstice in June.

The Autumn Equinox, in September.

The Winter Solstice, in December.

And with green grass and bursting trees

Leans to the sun's kiss glorying,

And quivers in the sunny breeze.

~Julian Grenfell

Spring, my favorite Season of the year!

What is so good about Spring?

So why is the Vernal Equinox important to us in the Northern Hemisphere? I marks the first of Spring.

Spring is my absolute favorite Season. In the Spring the earth slowly warms from the cold of the Winter. As temperatures rise and the Sun feels so warm it promotes growth of all the flowers and grass. Leaves begin to grow on all the trees.

The land turns from the stark whites and grays of winter to a beautiful palette of different shades of green and the colors of the flowers are a rainbow of delightful colors for our eyes to behold.

Spring is the time when people tend to emerge from their warm houses. They seem happier, with smiles on their faces and laughter in their hearts as they get out and exercise more, feeling full of energy and revived. No longer needing their winter store, the pounds begin to shed off and they focus on getting fit enough to look good in their shorts and bathing suits.

Spring often marks a time to travel for our family. Feeling safer on the roads as they are usually dry and not icy. We explore further and further from home, like bears waking from their hibernation our world comes alive in the Spring.

Yes, Spring is my favorite of all the seasons!

Vernal Equinox Myth - Standing an egg on it's end during the Vernal Equinox

Okay peoples. Let's all have a little fun. First vote on if you think the egg myth is the truth or a falsehood.

The myth is that during the Vernal Equinox that magical properties occur, suddenly it becomes easy to stand and egg on its end...or stand a broom in the middle of a room.

Myth or Truth? Vote below and then visit Snopes to seek the truth.

Can you stand an egg on its end easier during the Vernal Equinox?

The Spring Equinox: Celebrating the Greening of the Earth

Come on, don't be shy. Vote for your favorite season and if you want you can even tell us why.

Which is your favorite Season of the year?

See results

Awake, thou wintry earth -

Fling off thy sadness!

Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth

Your ancient gladness!

~Thomas Blackburn, "An Easter Hymn"

I hope you enjoyed this lens and perhaps learned a little or shared your knowledge here with others. Tell us what you know about the vernal equinox and spring.

What is your favorite Season?

Get our and Enjoy the Springs, nature calls!

Thank you so much

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      It's like a fired meteor rain. so cool, feel the earth will destroy

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Spring is definitely a beautiful time of the year, as is this lens.


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