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Taking Lives

Updated on September 16, 2013
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Is He A Hermit Crab

In an attempt to find something entertaining on TV today I am at a loss, I decided that it was time to dig through my dvd's. After finding this little gem I decided to review it as I watched. This movie 'Taking Lives" was originally a thriller novel published in 1999 by Michael Pye. The movie stars Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke.


Angelina Jolie is awesome in her role as a FBI profiler named Illeana. The picture starts off at a bus station where two young men meet up traveling in the same direction. Unbeknown to one of them, he is being set up for a deadly fall by a serial killer. This young man has a habit of taking over the lives and personalities of his victims. He is likened to a hermit crab, after he out grows one shell he moves into another.For twenty years this serial killer has been able to stay out of the lime light. But that is about to change when Illeana Scott is called in on a case. It is her job to profile the killer. She starts off in a gruesome murder case where the victim was strangled from behind, his face has been smashed in and his hand was cut off. Scott starts her investigation by lying in the grave of the victim. She completely absorbs the very being of a victim. She tapes the pictures of the dead bodies (no matter how gross they may look) up on a chair and have dinner with them as if it will aid her in solving the case. In her bedroom she has the pictures taped to her ceiling, as if sleeping with them will allow the victims to call out to her for relief. This latest killer has a cat and mouse way of always staying one step ahead of the police. He will sit in your presence, help you with your case to find the would be killer and gain your confidence at the same time. While in your presence you will never know that he is the true killer.Kinda makes you doubt your ability to judge. This is a definite must see

Personal View

This movie was well worth my time and attention. It has a believable story line and Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke do a great job in bringing their charters to life.I even liked the division between Jolie's character and that of Olivier Martinez who plays Joseph Paquette (one of the police officers on the case.). This is definitely a psychologica thriller at it's best


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