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10 Korean Celebrity Non-Couples That Should Date (7-10)

Updated on July 11, 2015

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This is the last part of the 3 part series the explores Korean Celebrities that will be perfect for each other if they decide to start dating. Here's to hoping they will find their way to each other. If they do, these 10 couples will become Korean Royal Couples.

Should-Be Couple #7: Changmin & Eunji

About Changmin

Yunho's other half is the resident belter in SM and has one of the highest vocals, if not the highest vocal, in Kpop. With an IQ of 160, Changmin is smart and multi-talented. He knows how to play the guitar and is an amateur photographer. He is one of the two kings and many commoners' will be saddened to hear the younger king is dating.

About Eunji

Korea's sweetheart, Eunji is one of those girls you know will have a stunning career if she is managed right. She is the most popular member of Apink and rightfully so. She has the talent and the attitude for success.

Why They Are Compatible

1. Alpha Male and Easy Going Female

Although Yunho is the leader, Changmin is the driver in the group. Think about the dynamics of husband and wife. Yunho takes care of the business side of things but Changmin is the one that makes the rules in the house. In that way, he is the real alpha male. On the other hand, Eunji will provide the much needed balance with her easy going personality. Changmin will be bus with the nitty gritty details while Eunji will lighten up Changmin's load.

2. Low Key Brilliance

DBSK, even when they were still a five member group, wouldn't have been successful without Changmin. He was the talented maknae who was the only one who was able to manage four strong forces but he never bragged about it.

It's the same with Eunji. he is obviously the most talented in Apink but she does not hog the limelight. This humility makes them a perfect couple. They are more concerned about supporting each other rather than shining alone.

3. True Talent DNA

If they ever have children, those children would have hit the DNA jackpot in both looks and talent department.

Should-Be Couple #8: TOP & BoA

About TOP

Admittedly the better rapper in Big Bang, TOP is known for being temperamental and moody. He cannot be forced to do things he doesn't want to do, be it singing someone else's song or taking his shirt off. He makes his own decisions and it's all part of what makes him a great musician.

About BoA

She was practically still an adolescent when she debuted. At such a young age, SM made her go to Japan to try a career there. She had to study the language and adjust to the culture of a country that fiercely rejects Korean celebrities. She did more than survive, she became the artist that broke the wall Japan built to keep Korean celebrities out.

Why They Are Compatible

1. Mutual Artistic Respect

BoA isn't just a talent in SM, she belongs to the top management of the company. She has artistic and business control over her own career and career of other artists.

TOP, on the other hand, exercise independence when it comes to his music and image. To date, he writes his own raps and is actually known for doing things without consulting YG. His venture into furniture design, for example, took everyone by surprise including YG.

Such command, independence and power that are organic and deserved is something they have in common. Results of such artistic needs and its effects and causes will then be respected and supported in the relationship.

2. Common Past and Common Future

Both started when they were very young in the entertainment industry. Both were thrown in a market that was unfamiliar to them. TOP was used to battling it out in the streets with rap. Suddenly, he became a part of a boyband doing commerical music.

BoA was shipped to Japan, a country that blatanlty rejects Korean artists. Both succeeded and both are now experimenting more and more. They will be able to support each other as they try to conquer a new challenge, a new world that is also strange to them.

3. Privacy and Maturity

They both have temperaments but both value their privacy. They reveal what they should reveal and keep the rest to themselves. They will be able to be there for each other in music and also deal with their relationship in a mature way.

Should-Be Couple #9: Kikwang & Kyung Soo Jin

About Kikwang

About Kyung Soo Jin

Kikwang's fans are fiercely protective. He has one of the most beautiful faces in the Kpop world. If he decides to date another Kpop star, regardless of how beautiful the woman is, she wouldn't be enough for the fans. The one thing Kyung Soo Jin has going for her is that actors and actresses are regarded to be a more superior profession than being an idol.

Why They Are Compatible

1. Different Fields but Common Elements

More than public opinion, however, what matters is having some common experiences that could establish their connection for each other. Kikwang, along with the other members of Beast, went through so much criticisms for being "recycled". They were rejected by other agencies before finally making it big with Beast but not immediately. They had to go through several singles and albums before finally making it to the top of the charts.

Kyung Soo Jin also had to spend years playing bit roles before her acting talent was finally noticed. Unlike other actresses who gave in to playing cute girlie roles, Kyung Soo Jin chose roles that will give her a chance to grow as an actress. It is only recently, after years in the entertainment industry is she starting to get good roles.

2. Easy Going but Competitive

If you have ever seen Kikwang and Soo Jin in Running Man, you'd know that their gentle nature doesn't mean they are push overs. They fight. They are quiet but they fight. This is probably the same attitude they have with them in their career. They don't act all gangsta but they fight. Having someone that understands that will mean they have each other as a strong support system.

3. Fun and Light

They both laugh a lot and knows how to give in to a good time. They can become each other's adventure partners where they do simple things together but turn it to something exciting and fun just because that's how they approach their life.

Should-Be Couple #10: Yang Seungho & Moon Geun Young

About Seungho

The man with many talents, Seungho's best is yet to come. He is probably the best pianist in the entertainment industry, a great breaker and great singer. Mblaq is actually full of talented artists but are not managed right. What Seungho needs is someone that will inspire him to take greater control over his career.

About Moon Geun Young

Already one of the top actresses in Korea, Moon Geun Young has proven to have both commercial appeal and artistic talent. She is a great and successful actress and needs someone that will not be intimidated by her success. She needs someone that will take care of her.

Why They Are Compatible

1. Overflowing Talent

Both are talented and both still have a lot to show. They will support each other as they move forward in their careers.

2. Makes No Apologies

Moon Geun Young is her own woman and feels no need to explain what she does with her personal life. She openly admitted dating Kim Bum and openly admitted to their subsequent break up. She works hard and does not feel the need to make her personal life anyone's business.

Seungho has the same attitude. He admits that he likes someone now but does not feel the need to explain further. It was a crazy thing to do for other because they are just coming back and the recent break up of two of the members. They need to retain as many fans as they can but he doesn't care.

They would be able to date with such an attitude. They will give their craft a lot f respect and keep their relationship to themselves.

3. Educated and Classy

Both are classy, smart and educated. They will be able to move forward with their relationship with common values.


I tried... I really tried to look for someone that will be compatible with either Kai or Taemin but I always wend up with Kai and Taemin for each other. These two are soulmates. They are obviously straight but nonetheless soulmates.

Whoever they will end up dating will have to understand the connection these two have. Just look at how these two run to each other in the most important events in their lives, whether it is personal or something connected to their career. Even when they don't belong to the same group, they are still the closest in SM.

Click here for 10 Should Be Korean Celebrity Couples (1-3).

Click here for 10 Should-Be Korean Celebrity Couples (4-6).


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