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10 Korean Celebrity Non-Couples That Should Date (4-6)

Updated on July 11, 2015

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This is the second part of the 3-part series of 10 Korean celebrities pairs that should seriously start dating each other.

Should-Be Couple #4: Bambam & Bang Minah

Born in 1993, Minah is 4 years older than Bambam. That's not a problem is Bambam likes older women as evidenced by his crush with Youngjin which he didn't shy away from showing when he visited Jackson in Roommates.

Both are acknowledged to be the cutest in their groups and both have raw talents.

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About Bambam

Bambam is from Thailand. Prior to moving to Korea, he started pursuing his dreams to be a singer in his home country. He won several singing contests which ignited his dream to be the next Rain of Asia. He moved to Korea and after training for seven months in JYP, he joined Got7.

About Minah

Minah is a belter in Girl's Day. She admitted to not being great in dancing when she started but has worked hard in improving it and has come to love it. She has also pursued acting and has shown unexpected raw talent.

She has also launched a solo career with I Am a Woman Too, proving she is one of the few idols who can hold her own.

Why they are Compatible

1. Cute Couple

Look at those two. Just look at them. Both are small, have great smile and cute faces. They would just produce the cutest offsprings in the history of Kpop.

2. Both are Shy and Timid

Although both give off an easy going vibe, both are very shy and timid. Their shyness lead them to do crazy things that make them look even cuter. I could just imagine the cuteness and crazy things they will end up doing. They could go through different experiences together and share the dorkiness and craziness that their innocence bring.

3. Fierce in their Art

The other thing they have in common is the complete opposite attitude they take when it comes to their music. Both are shy but they look up to celebrities that have fiercer attitudes. Bambam looks up to Rain and Minah likes Lee Hyori. Both are still new to the entertainment business.

Having similarities when it comes to the direction in which they want to take their career would help. They will have each other to talk with regarding their dreams, talk about their ideas and give each other suggestions on how to grow and mature as artists.

Should-Be Couple #5: Hoya & Goo Hara

Infinite and Kara are both successful groups but neither has achieved the success enjoyed by other groups such as Shinee and 2NE1. They still have a lot of years ahead of them. Both are known to be single but both work hard. It's about time they find someone that can inspire them and take care of them while they pursue greatness.

About Hoya

Hoya is one of the more popular members of Infinite. After proving his talent in dancing and singing, he played a gay guy in the unbelievably successful TV drama Reply 1997. Now, that's guts. While many idols are scared to ruin their image, as a heartthrob, Hoya took the challenge head on and proved it was the right choice. The industry recognized his talent and he gained more fans.

About Goo Hara

Goo Hara is one of the multi-talented members of Kara. She dances, sings, acts and has great variety skills. After breaking up with Junghyun more than a year ago, she has concentrated on work. She said she wants to get into a relationship with someone who will take care of her.

Why they are Compatible

1. Complement Each Other

Hoya, although very funny, is generally a quiet person. He keeps a lot to himself but claims it's only because he is very shy. On the other hand, Hara is known for speaking her mind and being very upfront that sometimes, she is accused for being rude. Fact is that she's just being hones.

Hara will be able to help Hoya be a bit more vocal about how he feels which is very healthy for Hoya.

2. Balance of Confidence and Humility

Although quiet and shy, Hoya is very confident about certain things such as his dancing skills and body. He just doesn't feel the need to voice them out. It shows the kind of confidence he has about his skills. It's not arrogance, he simply knows his capacity.

It's the same thing with Goo Hara. She is known for acting cute and sweet but when it comes to her work, she knows what she is capable of doing, from acting to singing.

Hoya and Goo Hara would have some mutual respect as each knows how the other feels. On the other hand, both are also very dedicated in their craft. Both are known for practicing till morning just to make sure they got their performances perfect.

3. Competitive

Hoya has a 3rd degree blackbelt and Goo Hara is known as the most competitive member. Understanding each other's competitive nature, they will be a strong support system for each other.

Should-Be Couple #6: Rap Mon & Youngji

Youngji is actually older than Rap Mon by a month but their age will not be a factor because both complement each other well.

Both are young and still have a lot to experience but both have so much potential in many different aspects of entertainment.

About Rap Mon

The leader of the multi-talented Bangtan Boys, Rap Mon is not the eldest but ended up being the leader because he is the smartest and has the most "big bro" attitude. He leads a team of talented members and doing a fine job at it.

He is one of the few rappers in the industry who actually honed his skills through organic means (i.e. doing street battles).

About Youngji

Youngji came into the spotlight when she appeared in Roommate. She showed her animated and dorky side that does not give a care about how her supposed pristine idol image could be shattered because of her silliness. She laughs like there is no tomorrow and does things just because she feels like doing them.

She is a real fun girl and deserves someone that will appreciate her for it.

Why they are Compatible

1. Youngji will add color to Rap Mon's Life

Rap Mon takes on a lot of responsibilities for being the leader of BTS. Leading 6 other people with immense talent requires lots of strategic thinking. His members love him and respect him and they also admit that it is not easy to be a leader of the group. They think this is why Rap Mon has been very introverted. He doesn't find it easy to fit in with new people and new environment. He also has the tendency to be serious.

On the other hand, Youngji is carefree. She is the kind that can approach anyone and can have fun in whatever she does. She just enjoys work and turns it into something fun. She would bring so much color into Rap Mon's busy and stressful life. I could imagine how her spontaneous attitude can bring so many new experiences to Rap Mon.

2. The Mature and The Childish

Rap Mon, on the other hand, will be able to take care of Youngji. She's a real baby and needs someone that will look after her. She's will be sweet to Rap Mon but Rap Mon will be her real knight in shining armor.

3. Grow Up Together

Both are still new in their craft and have so much more to accomplish. Both will be able to support each other and understand the hard work they put into their work.

Click here for 10 Should Be Korean Celebrity Couples (1-3).

Click here for 10 Should-Be Korean Celebrity Couples (7-10).

Check the links above to find 1st and 3rd parts of this series. Also, don't forget to leave comments and/or suggestions or violent reactions about the pairings.


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