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7 coolest Adventure Time princesses

Updated on July 8, 2016

The land of Ooo

Adventure Time is a show about Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. A human and his dog who live in the mystical land of Ooo. The show is set in the future, after a nuclear war devastated the world and a lot of people and things are genetically mutated.

Finn is the last Human in the world and he grew up in the family of Jake the Dog so they are actually brothers.

For one reason or another there are a lot of different princesses in the land of Ooo, and all of them have their own kingdom and are registered as a princess. They always live in fear of the Ice King who kidnaps them so they can become his bride.

Because of the adult humor and weird and sometimes trippy themes, Adventure Time has a large adult fanbase.

PB | Source

1) Princess Bubblegum

Her full name is actually Bonibell Bubblegum. Her friends (Finn and Jake) often call her PB, Peebles, P-Bubs and so on.
She is cool because she does Science, she is an inventor, and she is the Ruler of the Candy Kingdom! Which is pretty cool in itself.

Biologicaly she is only 18-19 years old, but her actual age is 827. Yes that's right she is 827 years old! A 827 year old Monarch made from bubblegum is about as cool as they come.

Flame Princess
Flame Princess | Source

2) Flame Princess

Flame Princess' real name is actually Phoebe. She is the Princess and ruler of the Fire Kingdom. She is also involved in a romantic relationship with Finn the Human.

Flame princess sometimes has violent mood swings, mainly thanks to her short temper and volatile personality.

She can control fire, shoot fireballs, transform citizens into little talking and walking flames. She can even destroy the world when she gets too angry. So try to never do that please...

Hot-Dog Princess
Hot-Dog Princess | Source

3) Hot-dog Princess

Just take a hot-dog bun, put the princess in and have yourselves a royal hot-dog.
Must be good, but it wouldn't be really ethical because she's a living being. Then again cows are living beings.. and chickens and pigs... But they aren't royal blood so it isn't unethical to eat them. I gues...

Would you eat the Hot-Dog princess? Give me your opinion in the comments.

(Hot-Dog Princess Cook Time)

Prep time: 1 min
Cook time: 10 min
Ready in: 11 min
Yields: Serves 1 people 1 Hot-Dog
Lumpy Space Princess
Lumpy Space Princess | Source

4) Lumpy Space Princess

Well she has a big attitude. And she is lumpy.. And spacy.. Her friends often call her LSP.

She lives a hobo life in the woods because she lost her claim to the throne of "Lumpy Space". And apparently she lived among wolves until she was banished so she started to terrorize a local village so she could eat their crops.

She likes to say: "Oh my glob!"

All in all Lumpy Space princess is a pretty underground and though character.

Muscle Princess
Muscle Princess | Source

5) Muscle Princess

Not a lot is known about her, but she is very muscular and must work out all the time. If that doesn't make her cool, I don't know what will.
Maybe that she also plays the drums in her spare time and is the drummer of a band. That's also a pretty awesome thing to do.

Skeleton Princess
Skeleton Princess | Source

6) Skeleton Princess

Skeleton Princess or "Zombie Princess" is the ruler of the Boneyard kingdom. She looks and walks like a skeleton and that's why she is so cool. Skeletons are cool these days and whenever I see a skeleton on the street I look in awe and admiration.
So being the princess of all skeletons is like a very big deal. Also, can you imagine how many subjects she must have? All people who ever died are her loyal subjects.

Fun Fact: Her skirt is apparently made out of dead birds.

Frozen Yoghurt Princess
Frozen Yoghurt Princess | Source

7) Frozen Yoghurt Princess

Well it's actually very easy to see why this Princess belongs in the "Coolest Princess" list.
Because she is FROZEN. And frozen things are usually COOL. So Frozen Yoghurt Princess is one of the coolest Princesses in the land of Ooo. And we can ask ourselves the same question as with Hot-Dog Princess. Would you eat her?

Who is your favorite Princess?

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