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13 Reasons Why I Will Still Watch '13 Reasons Why Season 2'

Updated on July 1, 2017
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Jenny is a twenty-something-year-old who loves writing novels, poems and articles about her experiences in life.


13 Reasons Why

Before 13 Reasons Why came to life as a Netflix Series, I was first captivated by this story when I read the book few years ago. It truly made an impact on me and how I see people and I hope it made the same impact to the people who have read it before. Maybe that was why I did watch the series, because I know it would be eye-opening and I want to know if it would bring justice to the book where it was derived from. I can definitely say it did, but it also did so much more than give justice to the book.

As everyone expected, it totally made it to the news, garnering different opinions not only good but also negative views and criticisms, tagging it as a bit scandalous, saying the show is glamorizing suicide which the series tried hard not to do in my opinion. But I could totally see why they may think that way. Suicide and rape are such sensitive issues and it’s quite hard not to miss a few points. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about it. But aside for the fuss it made on all platforms of entertainment and communication, good or bad, there are definitely a lot questions still unanswered. And that’s what I would want to find out.

So, as a fan of the book and also the series if I’m to be honest, I will surely watch 13 Reasons Why Season 2. But aside from being a fan of the story and its life lessons, here is 13 reasons why I will watch the second season and so do you.


1. Other Sides of the Story Aside from Hannah's

Well all know that (spoiler alert) Hannah died in the first season of the series, just recollecting scenes when she was still alive using the tapes she recorded. So basically, this season circles around Hannah’s perspective of what had happened and what caused her to end her own life, as well as Clay’s who was the one listening to the tapes at that time. So, Hannah’s side has already been listened. News is, this coming season, it would be the other kid’s version of the story we will be seeing as the show progresses. Whose version would it be? We still have no idea and that is what I’m excited to learn about. What are the other sides of the story that would make us understand the point of the show more?


2. Clay's Role in the Trial

Clay played a major role in the first season, he was basically the one who introduced us to Hannah and her story while we listened to the tapes as he did. He was also the one who was greatly affected by Hannah’s death. That’s why I am very positive that Clay would play a huge role in giving justice to what happened to Hannah just like the steps he took in the first season. I am excited to know how he would stand in the trial and help everyone to understand why she did what she did and how they can make something about it.


3. Justice for Jessica

So yeah, Jessica was…wait, have you watched the first season yet? If no, then go away. Watch it. Then maybe…go back here? I don’t know. Just go. I have too many spoilers. So, okay. Jessica was raped by no other than Bryce Walker. And it was one of the things that spun the story in a major way. Denials and lies and all that, Jessica finally knew the truth and was too devastated about what had happened to her. In the second season, I want to see how Jess would cope up with everything and hopefully, Bryce would pay for everything he’s done to poor Jessica and everyone he's abused before.


4. Where's Justin?

Right before the season ended Justin seems to go away, mainly because of what happened to Jess and he was partly to blame for it. Where did he go? I have no freaking idea. But something seems to be really fishy and I would not think that he will just move away from town or anything. I have an intuition that something bad happened to him. Is he the one inside the ambulance like what everyone was guessing? I say, there’s a huge chance that it was him. And that is what I really want to figure out once the second season starts.


5. Will Courtney Come Around?

Courtney is what I call the denial queen. She has issues about her gender and that caused her to betray other people. The worst part is she still doesn’t think she did something wrong. I’m looking forward to her part of the story though. There’s still a lot of backstories we need to unravel about why she is like that. Hopefully, next season, she’d come around though and admit that she actually did something and accept it.


6. Was Alex the One in the Ambulance?

Before the first season ended, we heard that Alex shot himself and in critical condition and then we saw someone in an ambulance. It was kinda expected since Alex had been acting really weird towards the end, obviously affected by what happened to Hannah. A lot of people are linking the two scenes, saying it was Alex in the ambulance. But nothing is sure. As what I’ve said it could also be Justin or maybe someone else. That’s one of the biggest questions that was kept hanging on the last episode and that’s what we’re going to learn soon. Hope he'll make it though and gets better.


7. Devin and His Guns

This is one of the most talked about shots by the end of the last episode. Devin, our little photographer Devin, is hiding GUNS, a lot of GUNS, inside a chest. It sparked a lot of theories and all that, especially because he was staring at pictures of other characters and it was like he’s planning something sketchy. My guess is it’s gonna be a school shooting or something. We always know that Devin was always bullied and ignored that’s maybe why he’s going to hurt or maybe kill them. As I said, nothing’s really sure. So, let’s just wait for what’s going to happen. I hope nothing too bad would though.


8. Will Bryce Be in Jail (Just Like How He Should Be)?

This. Is. What. I’m. Waiting. For. I’m waiting for Bryce to go to jail and pay for what he did. You know? It’s crazy. And I know everyone agrees when I say that among all those characters, Bryce is the biggest reason why Hannah killed herself. Rape is such a huge crime. And whoever you are, even you’re Bryce Walker, you’re not exempted and you should pay for it. But I know it won’t be easy. Bryce is rich and popular and all that. But I hope they would all come together to make him pay and bring justice not just for Hannah but also for Jessica.


9. What Would Mr. Porter Do Now?

The counselor, Mr. Porter, was supposed to be Hannah’s last string of hope. He was the last chance. But he ended up letting her slip away without knowing it. Now, he already knows that and the tapes. So, what would he do now? Would he stand on Hannah’s side or will he still be in denial because of the fear of losing his job? I just hope he’d choose the first one. Fingers-crossed.

10. The Parents' Roles in Their Kids' Connection to Hannah's Case

Among all of them, it’s definitely the Bakers who were mostly affected by what happened to Hannah. And this coming season, it’s not just Hannah’s parents that would struggle because the parents of the other students on the tapes would be included. There would definitely be different reactions and different ways to handle it. This is what I’m looking forward to seeing. How would the parents deal with the investigations and incidents that happened? It’s important because this is where the audience, especially parents, would see the best and worst ways of dealing with children in these situations and how they could help them.

11. The Trial: Will Someone Pay for Hannah’s Suicide?

It was evident that there are people that should be criminally charged for what happened to Hannah. But it wasn’t just those things and people that caused Hannah to reach her limit. So, in this coming investigation, will the other students also be held liable for the things they’ve done. It was very sensitive and very complex. Even I don’t know how the authorities would deal with this case. That’s what I wanna know. Will those things these kids did still have a heavy consequence aside from the emotional burden brought by the death of their friend, Hannah?


12. The Ending

When the first season finished, I didn’t really expect it to have a sequel. I accepted that it would be left as chaotic and unfinished as it is. Because that was reality. Not all cases would end like how we wanted it to. And I thought that was the magic of it. We were the ones who would make the ending, here, in real life. But now, that it’s final that it would have another season, I guess everything would be answered and we may have a clear picture of what’s going to happen. I don’t know if it’s something that we all want, because just like what I’ve said, some things don’t end that well for some people. But hopefully, it would give us a lesson that would change something in all of us positively.


13. Overall Impact

If season 1 is about suicide and what caused it, I believe season 2 will be all about finding justice which was what we are all eager to find out. Will people finally help Hannah and Jessica have the justice they deserve? But either way, it wasn’t really about the story just as a story. It was more of the lessons and the impact it would have on the viewers. It was a very complicated and sensitive issue and that caused other groups of people to hate on it. I get why they are accusing the show of some things. But our take on this varies, just like how it affects us. I just hope that this next season would have a more positive effect and would close all the loopholes and doubts of its good intentions. I also hope that this time, we’ll be more open about these issues and would talk about it more. There are lives that could be saved just by supporting each other and learning more about ourselves and other people. May we focus on how this could help us and may the producers of the show give us all a show that would inspire us to be kinder and more understanding to everyone and everything around us. And make us all us realize that we deserve this life just like everybody else, which is the main point of the show I believe.

If you want a better understanding about the first season and how it was made. You can watch the video below.

Beyond The Reasons

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