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13 Reasons Why Season 4

Updated on June 13, 2020

13 Reasons Why Im Doing This Review (Mini Recap Season 1-3)

13 Reason Why is a show I have actually quite enjoyed; and from my understanding, I’ve enjoyed it much more than others. Season 1 was amazing and the absolute best out of the first 3 seasons. Being a single mom, Hannah story was a big wake up call for me. Following her and the character storyline warranted me to ask my daughter questions every minute about her school life and her self esteem. Season 2 goes into the aftermath of Hannah Baker death, her trial, and the dealings of everyone individual situations. Season 2 was great but not as good as it successor. The ghost of Hannah was a little cheesy, the writing was decent, they make Hannah character less likable in my opinion, and I personally feel the very last scene in the season finale was very irresponsible to teenagers who will watch the show. If your going to put out a show like this, it should have the responsibility to portray teenagers in making better decisions than what the final scene depicts. Season 3 is the worst season out of the first three seasons. Not to say it was horrible because I love a good mystery, but there were things that did not sit well for me. We are introduced to an unlikable character, they attempted to make an unlikable character likable, and the show most likable character becomes so subservient and clueless that it’s infuriating. Now that I have gone over season 1 through 3, how does season 4 hold up?

Season 4 (Minor Spoilers)

Let me start by saying that 13 Reasons Why season 4 is much better than season 3. The cast is always great and amazing acting all across the board. Dylan Minnette and Brandon Flynn are particularly great. The story this season centers on the gang framing Monty for killing Bryce and how withholding secrets of this magnitude can do to someone, particularly Clay Jensen. Clay is much more of the focus this season. I know what you are thinking, your probably thinking “but the series always have focused on Clay” but you would be wrong. Back in the earlier seasons, Clay was going through mental issues but nothing was never said about it. They mentioned it somewhat last season but nothing much came out of it. Clay‘s mental health is very much a topic this season and I am so glad the show finally dive deep into it. Sure the show finally touched on his mental health but the execution was not great, not great at all. It seemed like they were heading for something so much more than what the series ended with and I was very disappointed. The show made it seem like Clay was going through something on a larger scale, considering the actions he took this season and the entire series, for the show to turn around and say “oh its not that serious.” His relationship with Ani was kind of confusing. Speaking of Ani, lets get into her character. As you know, I did not like Ani character last season. She was judgmental, noisy, and a hypocrite and I kept wondering, “why are you here.” Ani was so much more bearable this season. She was not judgmental, noisy or a hypocrite. She was pretty likable this season, with that being said it could have been because she was taken out of the show three or four episodes. I thought that was weird considering she’s suppose to be dating the main character. Im not going to say how their relationship turns out but I understands the way it concludes. Jessica is the least interesting character this season besides Tony, and honestly she’s the worst character this season. She literally doing everything she has already done for the last two season, be a strong sexual assault survivor, a feminist, and in a love triangle except for Alex being involved it a new character name Diego. With all that being said her character does not evolved. If your character repeating the same exact experiences every season, then it become predictable and the audience will lose interest. She’s also a little more surly this season, which i understood the last couple of season because she was going through something traumatic but this season she just mean and apathetic for no reason. I really hate that because i really did love her character. Coming from rehab, Justin deals with being a recovery drug addict and trying to change to become a better person. Brandon Flynn plays the character Justin Foley wonderfully. I will not talk much about Justin storyline because his story involve major spoilers but let just say he has the best story. You also have Alex dealing with his new found sexuality, Zach and his inner demons, and Tony working on his temper, another character who does not evolve and repeating the same cycle as the last couple of seasons. The character Tyler seems as though he was in the background, but still a great character. By the end of this season these kids has no repercussion for what they have done. Literally, everyone get away with what they have done and I do not think that is good storytelling. How can I root for characters that gets off with everything they have done wrong? This season gets very heavy and emotional so grab your tissues. Something happens in the last episode that hits you like a ton of bricks. I did not see it coming and I was shook that the show actually went there but not in a negative way at all. Cinematography great with some very oddly horror elements which is something new for the show but it works. Everyone does not get an happy ending yet they get a fulfilling one.

Should You See It?

Overall, I really enjoyed this season. A few minor hiccups, with Tyler, Tony, and Jessica characters developments and the gang not having no repercussion for what they have done. Still a great season; the cast was amazing. Cinematography was differently effective, and shocking revelation that works with the story. They really stuck the landing and a great last season for the series. This season gets a 3 out of 5 for me and if I had to grade an entire series it would be a 3 out of 5.


3 stars for 13 Reason Why Season 4

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