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15 Lessons Everyone Should Learn From Idols Part 2

Updated on March 21, 2015

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Lesson #7 - You Want to be in the Entertainment Business, You will Have to Entertain

CDs and digital music files are there to allow people to listen to idols whenever they want to. When they listen to CDs, they get to just listen. If they want to just listen, they will always listen to your CD. When they come to see you perform, you need to perform and entertain them.

Yes, substance is important as the quality of their music is. However, when people see you and watch you, you need to add another layer to what you do. You need to show people what you can do and not just leave them to figure out your skills.

Lesson #8 - You Can’t Do Anything About Public Opinion

Korean idols bank on the good impressions and good image for their popularity. They try hard to maintain a pristine image but idols are humans too and young. They are prone to make decisions that may not garner popular approval or are downright stupid. Most of the time, however, they are simply misinterpreted.

Many of them try to clean their name but the smart ones let it go. Through the years, they have come to realize that they are only responsible for what they do and say not for what people think of what they do and say.

Lee Hyori have stopped denying rumors about her supposed one-night stand with Rain. Jay Park and 2PM have stopped making people believe that they are still friends. Shinhwa have stopped hiding their smoking habit.

You are who you are. You can't change for other people.

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Lee Hyori is one of the idols that managed to have a career even after crossing the age of 30
Lee Hyori is one of the idols that managed to have a career even after crossing the age of 30

Lesson #9 You Will Fade Away, Prepare for the Future

Idols have a short mortality rate. First generation idols were gone the minute they get married or turn 30. Thanks to the likes of Shinhwa who managed to enter the army, remain single and hot and come out with a better career, Korean celebrities are starting to be accepted by the public.

However, you can't hang around for long. Younger celebrities will come along and some of them will break your record and will do better whatever you do great. You need to prepare for your future, prepare for a time when you are no longer the biggest and brightest. You have to mature and become more than just a fad and become an expert in whatever you do.

When you grow old, you may not be "hot" but you will be trusted and respected.

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Lesson #10 Whatever You Can Do, Someone Else Can Do Better

U-Know Yunho was (to a certain extent is still) the best pop dancer in Korea. Then, Jay Park came along, a guy with legitimate hiphop background who actually battled the streets of Seattle and California to take over the reign of being the king of dancefloor in Korea.

Then, Taemin came along with moves that could easily outpop Ian Eastwood.

Someone else will come along and most likely, that person will arrive sooner than expected. Yunho and Jay Park, however, have not fade away. They managed to do several things that allowed to stay on top:

  • they are professionals, they show up on time, they put in time to rehearse till their dance steps are second nature to them
  • they push their limits and explore new avenues to come up with new things that goes beyond their comfort zone
  • they do their best in EVERYTHING they do, from performances to interviews, they bring their A game
  • they make sure that whatever they do, they bring in something new to set a higher standard that people next to them will strive hard to surpass

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Lesson #11 You Need to Plan for Your Future

Rain owns several buildings in Seoul. He has properties in the U.S. too. Shinhwa members have their own management companies and have launched successful idols too. JYJ have their businesses and properties. Max Changmin is pursuing a career in photography and is taking up a Ph. D. and M.A.

They saved, they invested, they planned. They know they will not be around forever so they are planning for when they can't do what they are doing.

Lesson #12 The Prettiest Can Still End Up a Loser

The prettiest and hottest aren't always the leader or the most popular. In fact, some of the most talentless idols end up being popular. Hard work plays a huge part and personality too. Heechul isn't the best dancer and singer but is one of the most popular in Super Junior.

Know yourself and know your limitations and know your strength. Do your best to strengthen what you have to offer and bank on that. Don't force yourself to be what you can't be.

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Lesson #13 - A Few Good Men Can Bring Down a Group of Great Men

Infinity Challenge decided to put together a show where they will showcase their musical talents and collaboration with idols. The show was to be an independent one from their TV show. A few netizens started questioning why IC was making them pay for something they get for free. The buzz became so big that even the idols that were supposed to be guests on the show apologized.

IC eventually explained that they were going to showcase something new but it was too late. Damage has been done.

Remember that a few people with malicious intent can destroy your years of hard work. Be careful and don't let wrong impressions get out of hand.

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Lesson #14 Money Can Destroy You

Many idols confess that it is the glitter and glamour of being an idol that made them want to be an idol. However, once they actually become an idol, they realize that it's not all glit and glamour. They realize that they need time for themselves, they are tired and that they should get more than what they are getting.

That's when things fall apart.

Money can destroy everything you've worked so hard for. Greed can destroy you, your friends and your future. It's okay to love money but you need to make sure you are smart enough to know how to handle it and not let it handle you.

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Some idols start training even before they reach the age of 10. Sulli is one example.
Some idols start training even before they reach the age of 10. Sulli is one example.

Lesson #15 Carpe the Holy Heck Out of that Diem

Nothing lasts forever (except maybe Shinhwa). That's why you need to make sure you make the most out of everything you have. Kim Hyun Joong once said that he regrets not making the most out his fame during F4 days. He was too busy working that he failed to appreciate his fame and enjoy the benefits of his stature. He was too old when he realized what he had.

Make sure that wherever you are, whatever you are doing, make the most out of it. Meet as many people as you can, learn things you can learn and be the best at what you are doing. That way, you know that you have exhausted all your resources and became everything you can be. When you move on, there will be no regrets.

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