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25 Favorite Kelly Clarkson Songs

Updated on May 28, 2019
Philip A Myers profile image

Philip loves music and wants to share his favorite songs with everyone. He hopes to count down all his favorite artists' music.

1. Hear Me

This song is about someone desperately wanting to find someone, probably a lover, to help them because they feel so lonely. I know I’ve been here many times. During my depressive episodes where I feel so lonely, I have cried out to God to give me someone to help me.

2. You Found Me

Coming off her 2004 sophomore album Breakaway, “You Found Me” is like a happy ending to “Hear Me”. It focuses on the singer’s lover who comes and saves her when she needed it most.

3. Haunted

Probably Kelly’s most depressing song. She said in an interview that she wrote this song after a friend of hers committed suicide. She kept screaming that she needed her there with her and that she didn’t know why she did what she did. She was haunted by her friend’s decision.

4. Mr. Know-It-All

Although, possibly unrelated, this song was written on the depths of Kelly’s infamous confrontation with record producer, Clive Davis. I see it as a woman clashing with a significant other because he is a control freak and tries to control her every move. He tries to make her do whatever he wants but she just isn’t having it.

5. Addicted

Released on her 2004 album Breakway, in this song she talks about being addicted to something that is actually bad for you. Many commentors on lyric websites think this is about an eating disorder or drugs. This makes sense. At first glance, this song is about being addicted to a lover. However, looking over the lyrics, it is obvious that this is not the case. Lyrics suggest that they are being sucked dry and is miserable because of their addiction.

6. Gone

“Gone” is about a woman in a toxic relationship with a man and she has had enough of him. She thinks he has ruined her and that staying with him would be hazardous to her health. Therefore, she wants to leave him in search for a better relationship.

7. Don't Let Me Stop You

In “Don’t Let Me Stop You”, Kelly discusses a woman who is questioning her boyfriend’s commitment to their relationship. She tells him that if he isn’t 100% committed to her, he should just leave. She isn’t going to share him with anyone else either.

8. Never Again

This song is just amazing. It has a very dark and almost violent nature to it that makes it very catchy to listen to. Kelly admits to being super angry when she wrote this song and didn’t plan on it being on the album but ultimately decided to. The lyrics itself are about her significant other leaving her for another women and Kelly warning her that if he cheated once, he’ll most certainly do it again. She also tells him that she never wants to see him again.

9. Catch My Breath

This song is cool in that it serves as a reflection of her decade-long career up to this point. It is seen as a song of strength for anyone that has been with her throughout her career. From her time on Idol to her high standing as an empowering woman, she wants to show gratitude to her fans.

10. All I Ever Wanted

Something surprising that I found out while writing this list is that this song is actually a cover. The song was originally sung by an American rock band called Aranda (Great band. Check them out) in 2008 before Kelly covered it for her 2009 album by the same title.

11. Invincible

Another one of Clarkson’s signature empowerment songs, Invincible is all about feeling confident and knowing how far you have come from the hard times you have faced. The positive message and upbeat tune are why I call “Invincible” my favorite Kelly Clarkson song of all time.

The Rest

12. Piece By Piece

13. Dark Side

14. A Moment Like This

15. Miss Independent

16. Breakaway

17. Because of You

18. Stronger

19. Behind These Hazel Eyes

20. Since You Been Gone

21. Someone

22. Heartbeat Song

23. Walk Away

24. Don't You Wanna Stay

25. Second Wind


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