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4 Reasons RCN is a Cheap & Smart Alternative to Expensive Cable TV Providers

Updated on December 22, 2015

While deciding for our cable TV subscription, we often come across a situation when all the top TV providers are offering similar rates and identical package features. So we have no other option but to go with one of those expensive cable TV providers. But in reality, we do have many options that are way cheaper and offer competitive features that you expect from a cable TV provider. One of the excitingly cheaper alternatives is RCN. So before you choose your next cable TV provider, make sure that you read the following 4 reasons proving that RCN is the best alternative when it comes to cable TV subscription:

1. RCN Digital Cable:

RCN Digital Cable TV does not let you compromise on the quality of your favorite channels with its upbeat fiber-optic network ensuring unparalleled picture quality. Typically, it offers more than 230 digital channels and up to 70 in High Definition with an extensive free on-demand titles that are refreshed on regular basis to keep their viewers entertained throughout the year. RCN Digital Cable is an absolute treat for music lovers. It allows access to 45 commercial-free channels playing your favorite tracks. RCN also provides with one of the most advanced DVRs which will change the way you experience pay cable TV. TiVo Premiere DVR allows you better control of your programs and lets you connect with the internet.

2. RCN Fiber-Optic High-Speed Internet:

Wondering if you would get a reliable and fast internet from RCN? Don’t worry as RCN offers with a High-Speed Fiber-Optic internet allowing unimaginably fast streaming and downloading. As per my experience, the speed consistency is pretty amazing that makes it a reliable choice for the whole of the family. You get a Docsis modem router with your internet connection.

3. RCN Unlimited Phone:

I have my friends and family scattered nearly all over the country. If you are like me and want to stay in contact with people that you care for then RCN Unlimited Phone is a clever choice. At RCN, you can get a telephone plan with unlimited nationwide calling without any per-minute charges or calling restrictions. Its 17 free calling features let you do more with your home phone.

4. RCN Bundle Offers:

It gets even more affordable when you bundle your cable TV subscription with other services like its fiber-optic internet and home phone. With bundle offers, subscribers get an exclusive access to TiVo Whole Home Bundle. Make sure to get most features and lowest prices by opting for RCN bundle offers and packages.


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