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5 Most Underrated Channels To Improve Your Filmmaking Skills

Updated on July 4, 2020
arthurariel profile image

Arthur Ariel is a young enthusiastic learner that is addicted to learning new stuff and isn't shy away to share what he's learned so far



There are a ton of free resources for filmmakers on the internet. One of the most popular site to find these resources is YouTube.

Youtube offers many popular channels such as Film Riot, Indie Mogul, and many more to help you improve your filmmaking skills.

They give you so much content that it’s hard to keep up sometimes.

Even though their insights are absolutely helpful, some of them just lack the relatability because of the sheer scope or money they have.

With the huge popularity of these channels, there are some channels that sadly flew under the radar.

But that's what I'm here to do, I’m going to give you 5 most underrated filmmaking channels on youtube!

Just so you know, the last 2 is might just be one of the most insightful youtube channels for Indie filmmakers out there.

How It’s Ranked

Each Youtube channel will be ranked by the most subscribed to the least subscribed channel. This will make it easier to grasp for you guys.

Each Youtube channel will also be shown their strengths, their weaknesses and sorted to tailor your needs.

Some of the Youtube channels here vary from hundreds of thousands of subscribers to only about a thousand.


Subscribers = 400k Subs

Best For Beginner Filmmakers

When I first started learning filmmaking, D4Darius was the 1st to be recommended to me. Not only is it absolutely helpful for beginner filmmakers.

The video where he discusses the most common mistake beginner filmmakers make is absolutely top-notch. Even after years of experience in filmmaking, I still go back to check out that video from time to time

One of the channel’s highlights is also behind the scenes of his emotionally gripping feature, Unsound. It captures the Darius struggling journey of making his feature film.

The way he details from the start of the pre-production to the decent success at the end is absolutely emotional. He’s the type of filmmaker you look up to because you can see he makes movies out of passion, not by any external motivation whatsoever such as money.

He’s absolutely entertaining to watch and as an indie filmmaker myself, this channel will always be one of the best!


Subscribers = 290k Subs

Best For All Filmmakers

David F. Sandberg (AKA Ponysmasher) is the physical embodiment of a filmmaker's success story.

Starting with his viral horror short “Lights Out”, David have proceeded to direct 3 major Hollywood movies such as Lights Out, Annabelle Creation and the recent hit movie, Shazam!

His channel consists of many shorts and behind the scenes of each movie but really, the highlight of this channel is David himself!

His down to earth personality makes him much more relatable than the YouTubers at the top and his commitment to still be doing youtube even though he broke into the film industry says a lot about David.

Relatable and insightful, David Sandberg’s channel is one of the most underrated.

Behind The Curtain

Subscribers = 187k Subs

Best For Directors & Screenwriters

Unlike the other channel above, Behind The Curtain is a channel that compiles a series of interviews of a writer from a particular movie.

Beyond The Curtain gives you an insight into many brilliant writers on writing their screenplay. From the critically acclaimed “The Dark Knight” to the hilarious sitcom, “The Simpson”. This channel covers a different genre from various writers.

The highlight of Behind The Curtain would really be is its website. Joining his community by subscribing to his website not only gives you access to full-length interviews of the channel owner interviewing various successful screenwriters for their knowledge but also access to their community.

If tons of resources on screenwriting sounds perfect to you, Beyond The Curtain could be one of the channels that just keeps you coming back.

Beyond Film School

Subscribers = 5k Subs

Best For New Filmmakers Who Want To Learn About The Industry

It’s a significant drop from the 100k channels above but Beyond Film School is not something to overlook.

Beyond Film School is a channel where you get professional insight from someone who’s been working in the professional side of the industry. Unlike other channels, she describes and gives you tips on various jobs inside the film industry.

The biggest highlight of her channel is relatability and knowledge of the film industry. Her very informative yet entertaining personality gives you this feeling of talking to a close friend from the inside.

The other highlight of this channel is also the website which gives you tips and tutorials on how to climb your way in the film industry from being a PA (Production Assistant).

It’s not the usual type of filmmaker you’d usually watch but its certainly one of the most eye-opening.

J Horton

Subscribers = 1k Subs

Best For Indie Filmmakers Looking To Distribute Their Movies

One of my favourite channels to watch, J Horton is an indie filmmaker who’s been making movies and documentaries for the past decade!

He not only teaches you what type of indie filmmaking is the best but also how to distribute and profit out of your movies.

J Horton gives you fantastic insight on how to distribute your movies online. From sharing his opinion of Amazon Prime to explaining on which platform to distribute your movies is the best. It’s an understatement to the plenty of knowledge that he has.

One of his biggest highlights is also his personality. His entertaining and educative segments make you want to watch more of his videos in which he breaks down how he made a certain movie or how to distribute it.

For an indie filmmaker who wants to make movies for a living, J Horton is the guy!


Knowledge is key no matter how small the holders are!

Even though these channels are not what you called "giants" on the platform but they do have the necessary knowledge to help you on your filmmaking journey.

So those are the 5 most underrated channels to improve your filmmaking skills.

Which Of These Channels Have You Subscribed To?

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