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5 Top Left Handed Electric Guitar Models

Updated on February 14, 2011

Although not all left handed guitar players choose to play on left handed guitars, there’s a large choice available for those who do, including models from most of the main guitar manufacturers. This article highlights five popular models of guitar for left-handed players.

5 Top Left Handed Electric Guitars

1. Fender Standard Stratocaster Left Handed Guitar

The Fender Stratocaster is among the most famous guitars in the world, and a variety of left-handed Stratocaster models are available. This standard Stratocaster offers the classic Fender tone and style at a very reasonable price (around $499).

The body is made from high-quality alder wood, the neck - which is tinted - is made from maple and the fingerboard from rosewood or maple. This guitar has 21 medium jumbo frets and three standard single coil pickups. The control knobs and pick guard are made from hard wearing parchment plastic.

The left-handed Fender Standard Stratocaster also comes with a padded gig bag the protection.

2. Epiphone LP-100 Les Paul Left Handed Guitar With Cherryburst Finish

Gibson's Les Paul guitars are just as iconic as the Fender Strats, although they tend to be on the expensive side. Fortunately Epiphone, which is now part of the Gibson corporation, make a wide variety of Epiphone-branded Les Paul models which offer excellent quality at lower prices.

This left-handed Epiphone Les Paul 100 guitar features a mahogany body with classic cherryburst finish. It has equivalent features to its more expensive counterpart, except that it has a bolt neck (made from mahogany), which makes it more affordable.

Other features include a Rosewood fretboard, 700T and 650R open-coil humbucker pickups, which will give you that classic tone for which Les Paul guitars are known, a beautiful carved maple top and chrome hardware.

This is a stunning guitar with great tone, and costs around $315.

3. SX RST Left Handed Electric Guitar Package

SX Guitars are known for their affordability, and this left-handed electric model is no exception. This is a great choice for beginners, as it comes as part of an electric guitar package which features a 10 watt practice amp and cable, padded gig bag, guitar strap, guitar tuner and guitar picks - everything you need to get started!

The guitar itself is of high quality despite the low price, and has a solid alder body, three single core pickups, volume and tone controls, a maple neck and rosewood fretboard.

This SX left-handed guitar package currently costs around $120.

4. Schecter Hellraiser C1 Left Handed Guitar In Black Cherry

The left-handed C1 Hellraiser guitar from Schechter is a great choice for those who like playing heavier styles, and its cutaway body provides easy access to the higher frets for soloing.

The C1 has a mahogany body with an attractive dark cherry finish, a mahogany neck, and a rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets. The EMG Active 81TW/89 pickups give a fantastic powerful sound.

The Schechter Hellraiser C1 black cherry left-handed electric guitar currently costs around $799.

5. Dean 79 Series ML Solid Body Left Handed Electric Guitar

Lastly, we come to the Dean 79 Series ML left handed electric guitar, which is sure to appeal to those who prefer a more unconventional looking guitar. The ML series was made famous by metal legend Dimebag Darrell and is especially popular with guitar players in this genre.

This left-handed model features a maple body with a vibrant sunburst finish. The mahogany neck has a rosewood fingerboard and 22 frets. The design makes it very easy to access all of the frets, so this guitar is a good choice for those who like to play fast solos in the higher register.

The left-handed Dean 79 Series Brazilburst guitar costs around $580.

Epiphone Lefty Les Paul


Buying A Cheap Left Handed Electric Guitar

These guitars cover a range of price points under the $1000 level, but if budget is an issue, you can save money by looking for a used left handed guitar, either in specialist guitar stores, or on sites such as eBay.

New models can also be bought relatively cheaply, although as with other types of guitar, it’s not usually the best idea to go to the absolute cheapest model available, as extremely cheap guitars often tend to be poor in quality, and not much fun to play.

Although there are specialist guitar stores which stock a decent range of left-handed electric guitars, these aren’t always convenient to travel to, and for most people the best selection of lefty electric guitars is to be found online.

Learn To Play With These Left-Handed Guitar Methods & Chord Books


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    • Journey * profile image

      Nyesha Pagnou MPH 3 years ago from USA

      Thanks for this hub. I am hoping to purchase a left handed guitar in the near future but it would have to be at a very reasonable cost. Thanks for being so thorough with the article by providing the book list and options for purchasing a less expensive guitar. Pinned and voted up and useful.

    • GuitarLover profile image

      GuitarLover 7 years ago from UK

      Thanks for the comment - I just had a look on Amazon, and there are a few books that are aimed at left-handed guitarists. I'm not sure how good they are, as I haven't used them myself, but I've added a section above listing them, in case anyone else interested!

    • profile image

      Left Handed Electric Guitar 7 years ago

      Thanks for putting these together in an easy to understand way. Are there any method books that specialize in teaching left handed guitar players, or is is pretty much the same as far as learning goes? Thanks again.