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5 things to look forward to in the Zou Arc -One Piece

Updated on October 20, 2015

It shall begin! The greatest this world of pirates has ever seen! A war for Hegemony!

— Doflamingo
The Island of Zou is on a freaking huge elephant.
The Island of Zou is on a freaking huge elephant.

Hello everyone! It has been a few weeks since the Dressrosa Arc ended in the manga and we are now in a brand new arc, the Zou Arc. Despite the disappointment of the Dressrosa Arc, I am very enthusiastic about this new arc. The new arc looks promising with its brand new characters and of course, a brand new islands. This is where Oda shines best. He is great in creating a good set-up for new arcs. Here are the five things to look out for in the Zou Arc!

I suck at my hobby -Kaido
I suck at my hobby -Kaido

Kaido and Gang

After hundreds of chapters of waiting, we finally get to see him. The Last Emperor. Kaido of the 100 beasts. We also get to see some of Kaido's lackeys having a quick fight with Sanji and Brook.

One of the obvious things to expect from Kaido is his strength. Since he is confirmed to be the strongest living creature, it is quite safe to assume that Kaido is the strongest character in the whole series, even surpassing Shanks and Dragon.

Another thing to expect would be the strength of his crewmates. One can safely assume that the crewmates are very powerful too. After all, this are the people that fought alongside one of the Four Emperors. We can also assume that some of the crewmates are on par with characters like Ben Beckman and Marco the Phoenix.

Let's hope Kaido did not rip them apart.
Let's hope Kaido did not rip them apart.

Kidd's Alliance

I know, I know. In chapter 795, Kaido just appeared out of the sky and crashed their base. There's a slim chance that they are dead. However I am assuming that they are able to broker some sort of a deal with Kaido to escape or to further their ambitions. Assuming that they survived Kaido, there is a good chance that they will play an important role in this arc.

If they do come to Zou, there's a good chance that there will be a fight between Kidd's Alliance and Law-Luffy's alliance. This will be a great way to decide which Supernova is truly the strongest. Let's hope Kaido does not come along to intervene though.

Alternatively, there's also a chance that Kidd might want to form a five-way alliance with Luffy to take out Kaido. This is assuming that Kidd was mad that Kaido destroyed his base, attacked him, failed and ran away with their asses to Zou. It will definitely be an interesting turn of events.

Whitebeard's son???!?!?
Whitebeard's son???!?!?

New Shichibukai

Well finally, the last Shichibukai was revealed. He is supposedly the son of the Great Whitebeard. Truth be told, I do not like his character design at all. I know One Piece is well-known for its goofy character designs but seriously, if the character is the son of one the biggest badasses in One Piece, you would think that his character design would also be badass. Unfortunately, this was not the case with Edward Weevil.

So, while I am not impressed with the character design, I am still looking forward to this character. Even if he turns out to be a mere imposter, I still wonder how he was able to achieve the royal title of Shichibukai. Was he able to deceive the government like how Buggy did? Or was it his sheer fighting skill? This character can either make or break the whole arc depending on how the way he is presented(assuming he does go to Zou to chase after Luffy).

Zou Island

The island of Zou is basically located on top of a huge elephant. It is the territory of the Mink People. Law's subordinates are supposedly at the location too. It is impossible to locate the island using a Log or Eternal Pose.There is so much things too look forward to in Zou.

One, the elephant which holds the island has been around for a millennium. This means that the elephant also existed prior to the Void Century. Assuming that there is a way to communicate with the elephant, I hope that the elephant could shed some light regarding the Void Century and the events leading up to it.

Second, it is the home of the Mink Tribe. Very few information has been revealed in the series regarding this people, so I hope Oda does a great job in expanding the story using this tribe. I hope they are not as annoying as the Tontatta.

Thirdly, Kaido seems to have a strong influence on this island. He has several lackeys in the island and they tried to attack Sanji and gang when they entered the island. The thing to take note will be Luffy's possible interaction with the natives. If Luffy is able to claim the island as one of his own, it will be quite interesting to see Kaido's reaction and the repercussions of doing such an act.

Weird huh.
Weird huh.

Sanji's Backstory

Sanji has been one of the underdeveloped characters out of the original 5 East Blue strawhats. No one knows his true past, aside from the fact that he worked with Zeff at Baratie. Prior to that, there is zero information about Sanji.

Recently, the new wanted posters wanted Sanji alive and only alive. There are various speculations regarding Sanji's past. There are some who think that he might be the son of one of the Gorosei. There are also others who think that he might be related royalty, thus explaining his crazy "chivalry" of not hitting women.

Well regardless of that, one thing that we can look forward to is Sanji's character development and the effect it will have on the Strawhats.


Well, there are various things to look forward to regarding the Zou arc that is not mentioned in the article. Do share them in the comments!

Let's look forward to this new arc together!

Which of the 5 things are you looking forward to the most?

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