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50 Things Everyone Should Know

Updated on April 15, 2018
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Living on a farm in Brazil, I've gained local in-depth knowledge of food, plants, and traditions, which I share through my articles.

The giggles
The giggles | Source

How Many of These Skills do You Have?

It is easy to go through life like we are on cruise control. Everything going to plan and working like a well oiled machine.

What, your life isn't like that? No, of course it isn't, whose life is? Every day people are struggling with problems, worries, and trying to avoid pitfalls.

Below I have listed just 50 things that I believe are necessary for a person to know how to do. Which of these do you know how to do? This is a humorous, tongue in cheek look at what is important and what isn't.Take a look, see if you agree with my choices and add your's below.

Flossing teeth
Flossing teeth | Source

1. Floss your teeth: If you prefer to keep your teeth in your mouth and not in a jar beside your bed, then you had better learn to floss your teeth. A few minutes every day is all it takes to preserve your smile.

2. Swim: Even if you live in a desert and the only water isn't for 400 miles. Learning to swim can save your life or the life of someone you love.

3. Apologize: No matter how hard this might be if you are wrong, be quick to apologize. There is no shame in admitting you are wrong, but better to own up sooner rather than later.

4. Tell jokes: Have you ever noticed that some people have a knack for making people laugh? If you aren't one of them, examine why. Get a few jokes and practice telling them. Pause after the punch line to accept the applause and laughter. Then tell another. Build up a repertoire of different jokes for different occasions. Soon you will be bursting with confidence.

5. Shake hands: How many times have you shaken someone's hand and thought "Yuck". Learn how to shake hands. A firm handshake is preferred for a man or a woman.

6. Accept a compliment: Why is it so hard for people to accept a compliment. You are worth it. Smile and say, thank you. You don't need to say more.

7. Change a tire: If you drive, you must know how to do this. Of course you could call the recovery service but this is still a good skill to have.

8. Introduce yourself to a dog: If you were raised with pets, it is likely this will be second nature to you. If you weren't it is likely you are a little nervous when confronted with a dog. Placing the back of your hand near its nose will allow it to smell your scent. This is the first thing to do with a new dog.

9. Erect a tent: If you say, "But Darling, I only stay at 5* hotels.", I would say, "Sweetie, the economy is tough, grab your tent pegs." Whether you camp or not, it is always a good idea, and a laugh to know how to do this.

10. Drive a manual car: There will come a time in your life where you will climb into a car and realize there are three pedals. No, you are not in the twilight zone, you are in a car with manual transmission. If you are reading this in America, it is likely you have only driven a car with automatic transmission. This is akin to sitting on a Lazy Boy recliner. Sure it is comfortable but it isn't real life. You need to learn to drive a stick shift.

Household tools
Household tools | Source

11. Put together flat packed furniture: Patience is the key, and a friend that can read Chinese instructions.

12: Remove cobwebs: Is your home beginning to look like a scene from the Addams family? Perhaps it is time to tackle those cobwebs.

13. Sweep a floor: So simple, so necessary, so apparently difficult for one sex.

14. Clean a bathtub: Nobody, likes to get into a bathtub that looks like someone used it for an oil change. Clean it afterwards.

15. Tying knots: Even if you weren't in the Scouts, you need to know this. There are so many reasons you will need to know various knots. From tying a dog to a lamp post to hitching up a 50 foot yacht. Know your knots.

16. Bait a hook: If this fills you with dread, try going hungry. Either eat the worm or bait the hook!

17. Build a fire: A campfire , in a fireplace or BBQ. You may remember in the film Jungle Book, King Louie wanted to learn how to make fire. Well if an animated monkey wants to know, then you should as well.

18. Sew on a button: Unless you are going to permanently live in draw-strings or Velcro, there will come a time that you will need to know how to do this.

19. Shave: Men and women need to know this, it is what keeps us from being cavemen, or French.

20. Listen carefully: Why has listening become so passé? It is just common courtesy to be 'in the moment' with the person who is speaking to you.

directions | Source

21. Send thank messages: Saying thank you for a present or a kind word shouldn't be difficult. Don't leave this too long, act now. Say thank you, maybe they already know but just say it anyway

22. Grow vegetables: Everyone should get their hands dirty with the soil of the land. Knowing that you can grow your own food, is empowering. It means you could be self reliant if the supermarket delivery service stops.

23. Hold an animal: Have you ever noticed how some people hold animals? Usually under the front legs, leaving the lower limbs dangling, swinging almost disjointed from the body. This is not acceptable.

24. Ride on a boat: Whether it is a yacht or a rowboat, a ride around will give you confidence on the water. Let's face it, with 2/3 of the planet covered in water, it is a good idea.

25. Make an appointment and be on time: Why do some people find this so difficult? It is just the simple arrangement of two agreeing to meet at the same time. It is easy.

26. Catch a train: This can be daunting the first time. There is the fear that you won't be able to get your 30 suitcases on, before the train pulls out from the station.

27. Apply for a passport: If you are going to spread your wings you will need a passport. No one likes paperwork but it is necessary. So is patience.

28. Give clear directions: If someone stops and asks you for directions, are your arms waving around in animated gestures trying to describe the route? Learn how to succinctly describe directions without the amateur dramatics.

29. Ride a bike: Great for your health and shape, the Lycra is optional.Cycling tips.

30. When to give a hug: Sometimes people don't need a lecture, they just need a hug.

Use an escalator
Use an escalator | Source

31. Ride on an escalator: Do you remember the first time you went on an escalator? It was scary! The thought that an article of clothing might get caught and you would be strangled or pulled into the mechanism to emerge flat like a cartoon character that has been run over.

32. Prepare a meal: We have TV chefs 24 hours a day and yet there are those out there who have never cooked a proper meal. Grab your apron and get cooking.

33. Order a take-away: Still others get stressed about ordering take-away. There are too many choices and they don't want to make a mistake. Lighten up, order, or move to the back of the line.

34. Read a road map (GPS doesn't always get you there): If you think you don't need this, think again. What would you do if you didn't have a GPS. Could you navigate your way to safety?

35. Wash dishes by hand: If you have only used a dishwasher, it is a good idea to get in the habit of washing by hand. What if the power goes off and you can't switch it on?

36. Use a thesaurus: Are you stuck in a rut with your choice of words? Search in a thesaurus for alternatives. Things aren't always 'NICE' sometimes they are pleasant, wonderful, or marvelous.

37. Remember names: I can't stress the importance of this. To everyone, this is their favorite word. Read Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends and Influence People

38. Make to-do-lists: There are two types of people in this world, the doers and the dreamers. The doers make a list. The dreamers think about how wonderful it will be when it is done but of course it never gets completed.

39. Fly a kite: I don't care how old you are, the excitement you get when the wind finally catches it and pulls it upward is exhilarating. After you have run around a field dragging it behind you for an hour, it almost makes it worth the effort.

40.Get published online:
Whether it is for Playstation game reviews, recipes,poetry or anything you like, it is easy to get started writing. Join today, it is free.

41. Be a good employee: Were you the ideal employee for the first 3 months but now feel like you are coasting along? You will get weeded out and it will be your fault. They didn't hire you for your personality. Get back to work.

42. Be a better boss: Have you let your position go to your head? You may have gotten where you are on your merit but you need to prove you can still be worthy.

43. Sleep in: You deserve it, you need it, spoil yourself.

44. Lie in a hammock correctly: Nothing shouts, 'tourist' like someone who can't use a hammock correctly. To relax in a hammock, is wonderful, you should not look like a banana, use a 45º angle and you will be treated like a native.

45. Walk a dog: Who is being taken for a walk, you or the dog?

Photographer | Source

46. Clean windows: There is a secret to getting streak-free windows.

47. Check the oil in the car: If you wondered what that flashing oil can on your dashboard meant, it means your car needs oil. Learn how to check and refill it.

48. Take clear photos: How long have you been taking photos? Aim to keep your horizon straight, and heads attached.

49. Dive into a pool: Cross your hands over your head, feet together, point to the water now fall. You now can dive.

50. Eat a taco without the contents falling into your lap: Yet again, so simple, place your hand over the open end of the taco. Save your filling, and your dignity.

© 2012 Mary Wickison


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